View Full Version : How do irremovable skill shards kill the game. Plea to the mods!

11-10-2016, 01:53 PM
Dear LOTB players, dear mods. I make the separate subject just to talk only about possibility of removing the skill shards. In my opinion - making it irremovableit kills the game. I would like to hear the moderators opinion and future plans regarding the skill shards.

Right now I have plenty of 5* characters, I can upgrade like 5 more to 5*, 1800 ironite 8 000 000 gold and... nothing to do with it. When I max out my Grim Reaper Eddie (right now 21 skill shards inside) I will most probably quit playing LOTB. Why would I need new characters right now if it would be impossible to use them with full fun?

Arguments for making skill shards removable (on the assumption that taking out one skill shard would cost like 200-500k of gold):
1) you would have motivation to play more to get the money (or buy for real money)
2) you would have encouragement to get ironite (or buy for real money) - more souls that you can upgrade skills, more refilling of SOT
3) you could finally test different Eddies, teams, different strategy. Right now I have Carriage Rider Eddie maxed, Grim Reaper almost max out, Allied Soldier maxed - I would love to try like Soldier Eddie, Mummy or the Pharaoh but I cannot do it because I have already invested in Magus...
The game would be so much more fun if you could try different teams. Right now you can only use the fully maxed trooper and it only tells you like "fuck, I could have invested my shards in a different way"
4) It would make the old Eddies still in use. Be fair - almost nobody uses Tailgunner, Mummy etc because you are aware of having better Eddies and would not to invest in something worse. However it kills the fun. Why not to invest you money in different Eddie like for one month, just to have fun
5) It would be a nice answer for balancing game. After a lot of balances it may occur, that the character you invested in after patch is useless. I have seen couple of my troopers quit game after their fully upgraded dog of war was nerfed.

I would like to listen to your opinion and the moderators - I wonder what are their plans for the future... Thank you :)