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11-15-2016, 03:43 PM
If I have 3 SoT remaining and I purchase a full SoT upgrade, I have 83 SoT to burn (as it should be). However, if I have 25 SoT and level up from say Level 84 to 85, my SoT replenishes from 25 to 80, instead of carrying the 25 and giving me 105 (as would have been the case had I bought the SoT replenishment with ironite)

The practical effect of my suggestion for the LotB market/vendors is this: If I end up at 88%, 92%, 95%, etc toward leveling up and I run out of SoT, I will NOT buy an upgrade because I know that some/much of what I paid for will be wasted when the level-up/replenisment comes around the corner and my hourglasses return to 80 (instead of 95, 120, etc.). As such, I will quit playing and allow the SoT to refill slowly until I have enough to take me to the 100% level up and my hourglasses revert to 80.

By allowing us to keep the hourglasses retained in addition to the level up max, we will continue to play full-force and will spend ironite at all times without reservation, which is what the market/vendors want.