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07-29-2016, 09:12 PM
Level 32

Been playing since the first week, with moderate success so have made it to level 32... Please add me if you're looking for active Troopers...

I'm looking for some advice based on the characters I currently have...

Eddie characters:

5* Samurai Eddie <level 28> (currently benched due to Flashing Blade bug)
4* Soldier Eddie <level 54>
4* Wicker Man Eddie <level 64>
3* Eddie <level 59>
3* Speed of Light Eddie <level 30>

Non-eddie characters:

4* Axis Bomber Boy <level 49>
4* Soulless Demon <level 61>
4* The Wicker Man <level 62>
4* Angel of Strife <level 25>
4* Angel of Fear <level 37>


1) Should I use my 5* Samurai Eddie instead of the 4* Eddies? (he's currently benched because his primary skill (flashing blade) misses 90%+ of the time...) In battle I use Soldier Eddie as my main, but switch to Wicker Man Eddie as needed for his Magic skills... probably split them 50/50...

2) Which of the above characters should I set as my trooper for allies to use? are Eddies or non-Eddies most useful to everyone else?

3) The Angels (Strife & Fear) don't seem to work properly (they are listed on the bug list)... I've had mixed results with them, but see others talking about how great they are... What's everyone's experience with them?

4) which combo's of Eddie & non-eddies would you guys recommend from my list?

5) any other suggestions or comments?

Thanks is advance for your help.....

07-29-2016, 11:27 PM
1, use him and use his Ronin skill (4 lightning), or go future and use his bleedy blade thing (no lightning). Then his non-working standard skill is less of an issue.
2, I'd go for Axis Bomber Boy; I, personally, would like to see more interesting characters in my trooper list. It being full of original Eddies is REALLY boring. That said, if there's a low rank Eddie you can at least just hide him in among your three and not have to use him...
3, no, they don't work properly for me either, and thus are really annoying.
4, You need a good defensive or healing ally there, in addition to those on your list. I would use Samurai Eddie, Wicker Man, & get a good blue defence or heal character - Allied Soldier probably
5, Get a good healer or defender

07-31-2016, 02:14 AM
Thanks for your feedback... I do have a 3* allied soldier I'll start leveling up for healing...

Maybe I'm missing something, but what's so great about Axis Bomber Boy? I must be missing something because he doesn't seem all that great... But I've seen him mentioned a few times...

I've also picked up a few more 4* non-eddie characters...

Non-eddie characters:

4* Axis Bomber Boy <level 49>
4* Soulless Demon <level 61>
4* The Wicker Man <level 62>
4* Angel of Strife <level 25>
4* Angel of Fear <level 37>
4* Child of the damned <level 1> **new
4* Corrupt Harpy <level 1> **new
4* Pyro Soldier <level 1> **new
(plus a duplicate Angel of Fear)....

07-31-2016, 07:11 AM
My opinion of a winning formation is:
Any Eddie with massive HP and strong single target atk (it's better to kill the bosses)
Axis Commander (maxed levels and talismans) because of his monstrous basic and power atks
Allied Bomber Boy (I don't have it yet) because he has a good atk that hits all enemies, has good start auras and decent heal all ability. (He is a very good char but depends of the talismans used)