View Full Version : Highest Damage dealers (unskilled and undequipped)

12-28-2016, 02:01 PM
Well, today my Christmas Soul dropped me the Assassin Artillery Dog... well on my main device, I already have him at 100 and his stats are good, yet i nearly never used him, as he cant compete to my Corrupt general or Corrupt Rescuer.

Well, then i looked at the maximized characters list and noticed (stat wise) that: we all know that Corrupt Genral is the most powerful Mage, Followed by the Wickerdog Queen (no Eddies considered), yet who's the next powerful (no passive effect considered, only base damage counting)?
I know that Sentinel Soulles Demon can hit pretty heavy and Sentinel Allied Bomber Boy, too due to HP scaling.
Then i looked around at all AOE damage dealers and noticed that Ass.Artillery Dog has the highest ATK (and Magic, too - whyever !?)
I mean some single attackers reach pretty high atk (ROTH Eddie, Gunner Desert Marauder, Warrior AOF, to name a few) but most AOE damage dealers fload around the 920s, not more.

So i'm trying to contribue aside from the maximized character list a "ranking", like highes magic damage AOE, highest true damage AOE and highes Physical Damage AOE.
At some points, i understand that it's difficult to consider some damage numbers higher or lower and some are divided in different numbers.

So i start: (i consider "only" basic attack damage, not ability/power move damage, like the heavy true damage killer off the gunner CoTD or increased stats by skill shards)

Magic Damage High to low:
Sentinel Allied Bomber Boy (maybe Gunner, too, as same basic attack)
Corrupt General
Wickerdog Queen
... any other "very good - not average"?

True Damage
Sentinel Soulles Demon
Warrior Troll
Assassin Golden Son

Physical Damage
that's a too tough one for me, as i mostly play with magic, true or random damage and i think that, the Gunner Corrupt Rescuer is good, but not the best. For now i think Assassin Artillery Dog should rank first, what do you think?