View Full Version : Game Update - January 5th 2017

01-05-2017, 10:33 PM
Continuing on the road to PVP, we have another batch of server-deployed changes to try out new sets of values for PVP and improve tuning across the game.

Inventory Changes

Shard and rune inventories now allow up to 60 stacks of items each

General Tuning

In any world where 3 star or higher XP items are dropped, XP runes are now dropped more commonly than XP shards
Adjusted rewards for some tiers of "Improve Trooper Champion" to give Ironite instead of Gold

PVP Beta Changes

Sands of War now takes 60 minutes to recharge
You get 19 points for an even match, going as low as 13 points or as high as 24 points
You get anywhere from 6 to 15 Iron Coins per match, based on division (with equal or more coins per step up in division)

Note: These changes to PVP are part of a series of changes we’re doing to best determine what creates the most engaging and accessible PVP we can. The changes here do not necessarily indicate what the final values will be at PVP’s worldwide launch.

Bug Fixes

Daily login rewards should now appear again
We found where the Shield subtype of purple talismans were hiding, and the Underworld and Secret Locations now drops them alongside Barrier subtype
Fixed an issue where the achievement for completing "Beast's Wrath" on Hard was unlocking with the wrong quest completion
Fixed an issue where achievements that gave multiple talismans would give you none of them if you only had inventory room for some of them

As a bit of a new thing, we have a separate January 5th 2017 Update Discussion (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?4659) thread in the General Discussion subforum for discussion regarding the update.