View Full Version : Wayward Path Objective Not Recognized

07-30-2016, 09:41 PM
I'd completed Wayward Path 10-15 times and could never achieve the Win in 180 seconds Objective on Normal. So I timed it. The last three times I've played it I've completed it in 125 seconds. Since that's under 180 seconds I hoped it would count. Surely I don't have to win it in exactly 180 seconds. Right?

I'm playing on an iPhone with the latest iOS and V2.02 of the game. I've rebooted my phone with the game closed down - no joy. I'd like to get three skulls on this one.

The game is actually quite buggy, but I think all the other bugs have been addressed in the forum already so this is the only unrepresented one I know of.

07-30-2016, 10:15 PM
Try playing at 1xspeed, as the timer for this mission will be faster when you play at 2xspeed.

07-30-2016, 10:20 PM
I just found that advice in another lump of bug posts. That worked. Thanks for the help!

Also, in the time limits, if you have to use ironite to revive your team, does that count against your time? I've got this problem in a Matter of Life and Death on Hard, the only difference being I was one hit away from winning in under 5 minutes so I decided to revive the team and finish with 20 seconds to spare. However, it didn't count. As slow as 1X speed is I doubt I can conceivably finish that without some 5 star characters. Just wondered if reviving the team (which I don't typically do) invalidates the timing or if it's the same 2X/1X bug.

Thanks again!