View Full Version : Weekly Trooper Rewards Locked for Second Week in a Row

07-31-2016, 02:35 AM
My trooper rewards have locked me out from purchasing the rare warrior, magus, sentinel, and gunner souls for two weeks in a row. They countdown to unlock and then simply stay locked. The only options available are the basic gunner soul and the 5 * power up. Once I purchase the power up that will lock normally for a week. I work really hard to earn trooper points daily and save them to spend on rare souls only to get cheated out of the opportunity after waiting a week. I know this is just one of the many frustrating bugs and is not at the top of the priority list, but when you get far enough along in the game earning trooper points for these rewards is what keeps us playing the game over time.
So if the game developers plan on any kind of longevity for this game and I hope they do, they had better start fixing these things quickly before people stop playing entirely out of shear frustration. I've already encountered the major Facebook? bug that wipes out all the progress on your account and takes you back to level 1 once, and I was lucky enough to have played my account on two different devices and was able to restore it. Unfortunately it has happened to both my wife and daughter's accounts (yeah the game is a family activity now) and they have submitted tickets that have not been resolved yet. Obviously that issue takes priority but I mention it because they are both ready to quit a game they thoroughly enjoy when it's working properly. I know the standard response will be "it's a known issue and we're working on it" which is great and I understand it's a new game and they have many requests. I've been an Iron Maiden fan for 34 years and I've always been a gamer so I've been waiting for this game for a long time. I just hope it all gets worked out soon and it will stick around and only get better with time. I must admit the developers did an awesome job with this game and I'm certain the band is proud of it as well. The only downside for me is I'm totally addicted and can't play as much as I'd like to!

07-31-2016, 03:08 AM
Same issue albeit mine is just locked for a week. But guess everyone's facing the same issue.