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02-09-2017, 05:20 PM
I've promised a post, so here we go.
Your thoughts on how the attack lists, weekly reset and no of attack should look like

Intro (or what do we have now) :mad:: name of the game is 'Who wants to be an Eternal'.

Part 1. Everything does not depend solely on you, but also how hard do other people grind.
By grind I mean bash the same people over and over due to some mythical 'matchmaking system' which obviously does not work in a way that it produces virtually same lists over and over again. And I think the pool of players isn't that shallow. And what we have seen is that ppl with high points will be on your list once in an eternity. For what, protection? whose? No, it's just that matchmaking sucks (sorry, it does). That's on the attack lists.

Part 2. (Please note that I was sitting on 8th, and then again 7th place so it does concern me to. Be proud for you are top players and don't turn into crybabies)
The weekly reset is way off as well.
The week of run for it ends, table is due to reset. And so it does. Top players are awarded for their grind with rewards, but that's not all, let's give them some rest. For that we have them start at 1900 points. wtf? So what do we do? We refill our sands of war and kick ass on Sunday and Monday in particular to gain great point advantage where we shall appear rarely on attack list and the rest of the week is just keeping the distance while those behind grind for 100 pts up 100 pts down getting nowhere. Sorry, but that is just how it is and the best players can confirm it.
To me, being no1 is more or less unimportant. To me, the name of the game is 'collect 2300 points', because that's where all the good prizes are. So I don't see how that much advantage is fair to all. Oh yeah, week after week, not all due to their luck with souls and indisputable skills or ironite, but also due to this system, same ppl are on top, collecting prizes so don't bother trying.

Part 3. As many respected players pointed out, limiting the revenge is good. But it should follow with attack limits too.

I would like for us to discussed these issues, without getting nervous, for the benefit of all.

In my following post I will try and give one of many possible improvements :rolleyes:. I've even broken it down on paper and I see what cons it has for each rank and it is not ideal. But as NF says - something along these lines is in order :p

02-09-2017, 06:12 PM
Proposition :rolleyes: (It's not absolute, and is rough around the edges, but try to view it from lower ranked perspective and stay proud for you are the top players):

Part 2. first because it's easier.
When you first enter the arena you start with 1000 pts. Every week should be a new run, so if you don't make it this week, you don't have to spend 2 weeks just adjusting your tier so you can start with decent points. It's time consuming and boring. And yes, hard grinders should be rewarded but not that much.

So I propose Sunday reset as it goes: basic 1000 + 5% of previous week points earned.
So if you have 5000 pts like top players do, they start at 1250.
With 2500 pts I start with 1125 pts.
If I ended with 1600 pts I start with 1080 pts.
If I ended up with 900 pts due to not playing at all, I start with a 1000 a new week with a new chance.
And the ranking is kept in order.

That's what I call a reset and bringing ppl closer together! Now we can have a run for 2500 points and prizes. If nobody makes it, who cares, no rewards and please try again. But as I can see from looking at the list it's not a problem as we can pick up 3000 pts with ease.

02-09-2017, 06:34 PM
Part 1. imo, lists should be generated solely by ranking or points and not some mythical matchmaking system, enough of those mythical stuff that fails.

One of the easiest and most obvious fair system would be to split the table in half so half of it is full of ppl with higher points, half with lower points, randomly among all players. Obvious flaws are, there is no 4 or 5 higher ranked ppl for top 3 players and no 4 or 5 lower then the last 3 players. rand U(0,1)*numberofplayers should work just fine. but that's not what I had in mind.

I wanted to make something that will make currently lower ranked players more protected, higher ranked players to sort it out between themselves (pick on one of your own size) and with more prospect for everyone to compete for top spots.
Don't hate me, it is rough, but for fairness sake it should be along these lines.

List has 10 names. Everyone should be able to give it a go against higher ranked ppl so they can see where they stand and potentialy belong. And to make our prizes well earned. Not every week should have same people collecting, it is not motivating.
Again I appeal to top players not to find this personal or boring but challenging and for the greater good of all and not just our asses (yes I consider myself one of the top players, and not owning prisoner, troll, siege, generals)

Like I've said it's rough and not absolute and has many flaws.

On every player list there could be:

1 top 5 player (20% occurrence on your list, if you are not top 5)
1 player ranked 5-25 (so we have the chance to match with all kings and you can bring anyone down from the throne)
2 players of your tier (obvious problem for high tiers for repeated names, so it could be 1 tier lower for those,

but as it should be, we should sort amongst ourselves who is better)

up to here we have issues with high ranks. top 5 will have all 4 players from top 5 on their list each time, which sucks. Lower ranks have a great chance to bring those down and rise

2 player of a one tier lower class
1 player of two tiers lower
3 players from three tiers lower and lower

everything randomly, uniformly, no mythical matchmaking.

Now try to position yourself as duelist. what do you see:
1 top 5
1 5-25
2 duelists
2 lower
1 two lower
3 three and more lower ranks. great!

I know, it sucks, but I don't want to hear crybabies but upgrades please.

02-09-2017, 06:46 PM
How much is enough?

5 sow refills daily, 10?
3 attacks on the same person, 5 attacks?

(just wondering why is there team cost in pvp? if not for calculating first turn it makes no sense)

Please make your judgement here for I haven't tried those 'early in the week' runs.

02-09-2017, 10:28 PM
Totally agree:
with attack the same person being restricted. Dunno the number. Kind of depends on the size of players pool.

with the 5% weekend reset

The list. I like this solution for the list, at least sounds better than we have now.

As now, PvP is a run to 2300 points to get one soul (counting the Saturday rush fall, I don't play weekends). And I simply wont run for it, even with my heart crying to be competitive.

And the most important:
For the love of God, release PvP for all players. It's almost "good enough", no need for Beta.

02-10-2017, 05:12 PM
It's probaly the code frome those love matchmaking apps where you enter names and it pops out in percentage how much are you for each other :o (p.s. Sorry ppl for constant attacks, without talismans I can't match red trolled prisoners)