View Full Version : Skills as rewards?

02-14-2017, 12:06 PM
Afternoon folks :)

Well... Just an idea it came to my mind lately... We all know how it is the RNG in the game and how hard is to get what somebody wants/needs... So how about improving this aspect of the game a bit? Sure they can be rare (got in SLs or lets day once per day during some levels) and even if the process may be long-lasting it would be something sure at the end... If you can't count for the RNG far too much lets build an Eddie (or any other character you need) for yourself... Once collected for example ''Black Embrace'', ''Scythe'', ''Wither'', 'Torch'', ''Preserve'' and so on we could make a Carriage Rider Eddie on our own and it goes the same for the other characters... I assume that nobody would make any dupes for the grabbed ''parts'' unless very needed...

Something like this may be a motivating factor to grind for the players I think...