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02-14-2017, 11:02 PM
Prepare for Eddie Vs Eddie in the ultimate face-off!

New Feature: PVP Arena

In Arena battles you fight against other player’s Defense teams to prove your supremacy as the strongest Eddie in the universe. Chain your wins into a streak to gain Stat Bonuses and gain the upper hand!

Battles earn you currency for Souls and Skill Shards, and ranking high in the leaderboards can earn you Ironite, Souls, Skill Shards, and even a Legendary Soul!

For more information, see the PVP Overview section of the new News feature.

New Feature: News

A News button has been added to the main HUB. This will let you access info about ongoing events, the most recent patch notes, and tips for playing the game.

Character and Talisman Tuning

Unchanged from the preliminary patch notes:


Challenge and Achievement Changes

There’s a new “Fight Arena Battles” daily challenge (which rewards you Sands of Time)
The reward for the existing “Use troopers” challenge is changing (now gives Sands of War for the Arena feature)
New PVP achievements have been added (Complete a certain amount of arena battles, reach certain divisions)

PVP Changes from Beta

To account for a larger pool of competitors, the higher divisions give higher quantities of rewards (with 1 Legendary Soul, 3 Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, 5 Skill Shards, and 350 Ironite for the Eternal division)
The scoring for matches has been refined to better reflect the risk/reward for fighting against players with substantially more/less VP than you

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the game would not launch on certain Android devices
Fixed an issue where players competing in the Arena may not get their weekly reward after reset
Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze up for a period of time on the front end when loading the game
Fixed an issue where talisman sets which apply status effects to enemies would only apply to at most 1 enemy, even when the attack damages multiple enemies
Fixed an issue where status effects would start stacking when they shouldn’t if you had multiple Eddies brought into one battle
Fixed an issue where characters could damage or apply status effects to themselves with skills that should be doing those things to enemies
Fixed an issue where selling in the inventory could cause the game to hang
Fixed an issue where swapping talismans wouldn’t work if the player had too many talismans in their talisman inventory

To discuss with fellow players, please post in the February 14th 2017 PVP Arena Update Discussion (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?4854) thread in the General Discussion subforum.