View Full Version : Changing talisman mechanics ?

02-22-2017, 08:24 AM
Do we need some different mechanics for talismans eventually?

Right now most of them are not useful at all while the other 3 or 4 sets are a must for everyone without any downsides. Thats nothing new, there are many topics about that.
If a toon says "Magic/Physical DMG increases by DEF" dmg will be much higher with magic/dmg talis at least on those i tested, true-dmg ignores def/m.resist completely. Putting ressources into all those skilled, mysticals etc are wasted.

Nerfing the must-haves-of-the-month to the ground can't be a solution. Some bought them/the ressources with real money but at we all put a lot of time into developing them.
If Freeze/Stun/Whatever has a chance of 1%, nobody would use them anymore and diversity would be even worse than it is now.
Every single talisman should be good for anything particular. One possible solution could be a control mechanism of the effects just like meteor talis or something like that.

It could bring some real strategy into gaming instead of that absurd who freezes/stuns first

what do you think?

sorry, my english isn't the best ...