View Full Version : Game Update - March 9th, 2017 + Navigator Eddie!

03-09-2017, 10:59 PM
Crush the competition with new tools and a new character!

New Character: Navigator Eddie!

Devastate your enemies with Navigator Eddie! He can cause a wide variety of debuffs, from Heal Block to Accuracy Down to Perfect Corruption. He can even transfer debuffs he has to enemies!!

Navigator Eddie is a 4 star Gunner available now in all appropriate souls, including a limited time Nautical Soul. Check out more on Navigator Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?4979).

New Talismans: Shell and Immunity

Two new talismans have been added into the game:

Shell Talismans (Green): 2 set bonus for 1 turn of Damage Reduction Shield at the start of combat
Immunity Talismans (Yellow): 2 set bonus for 1 turn of Immunity at the start of combat

If a single character has multiple sets equipped, the start of battle status effect last longer (1 turn per set).

Each of the 3 subtypes per talisman can be purchased once a week from the PVP Store for 400 Iron Coins each. These will be available for a limited time (end date TBD).

PVP Changes

If you draw a match, your win streak is reset (as you didn’t win)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved load times on the front end
Reduced duration of stutter at end of combat as game communicates with server
Fixed an issue where a failed purchase could still charge you its cost
Adjusted the purchase flow in the store to allow you to buy something that would not fit within your current inventory cap (with said items going into your overflow inventory)
Revised “M.RESIST” to “MR” in most locations
Revised the colouration of core stats in skill descriptions (orange for ATK/DEF, yellow for SPECIAL)
Revised the capitalization of core stats in skill descriptions (now consistently in ALL CAPS)
Fixed an issue where the battle buttons in the PVP Attack list may become unresponsive
Fixed a rare issue where the game would hang after trying to enter or concluding a PVP battle
Fixed an issue where the Cosmos/Time Rift button would sometimes use the wrong art
Corrected the Thief Talisman set description to indicate the same chance to occur in all places where the description is visible