View Full Version : Dealing with the APMA3 and other errors in Arena

03-10-2017, 06:51 PM
Coming to the end of an arena battle where you are just about to win ─ only to have an APMA error or some other error pop-up is incredibly frustrating. Even worse, upon reloading the game, you find that the game counts this as a DEFEAT. Really? That doesn't seem fair. As such, here is my suggestion: please count game closures due to errors as DRAWS rather than defeats. Obviously, counting every game closure as a draw would lead to people simply force-closing the app when they're losing. To combat this, there must be a way where it is possible to code the game to recognize when an error closes the game rather than a person simply force-closing. If this is possible, please consider making this change so that we, as players, do not feel so slapped-in-the-face by the game when we encounter an error in the arena. A winning battle shouldn't count as a loss just because the server bugs out on us.