View Full Version : Uninstalling Time (Chernobog-4295)

03-13-2017, 03:25 AM
I don't want to get into a bigger rant about it, as it wouldn't make anything better, but I think I've hit my limit with this game. This has been building for a while, but I've come to see I'm not having fun playing this anymore. I despise Arena, content updates are few and far between, some of the rare unlock promotions feel like scams, etc. Perhaps most notable is the game is a massive time sink for little in game reward. There's too much grinding and too few talismans. Sadly, the game has simply devolved into a boring tedious chore instead of a form of entertainment. Mm, I'm just disappointed and bored with the direction of this game and it's time to cut my losses, so to speak.

Have a good one all. Chern out.