View Full Version : RNGesus is a Troll

03-15-2017, 04:22 PM
Just another "bitching about the RNG" thread, knowing that RNGesus works in mysterious ways and it's likely that nothing is going to change that. But still...

So there I am in the arena enjoying a 20 something win streak, with one name left on my attack list. RNGesus shines upon me, and I go first. None of my effects or talismans trigger, but whatever. Then my opponent (Marco I think) goes, and every single effect and talisman on his team fires off, and two rounds later I'm beat without taking another action.

"No biggie," I say, "That's what the rebound is for." Besides, last name on the list. I go in a 2nd time. Marco goes first, and every effect and talisman triggers again. No turns, back to back defeats.

"Not gonna let that get me down, and I still have to clear the list," is what I tell myself as I click the button a 3rd time. Marco goes first, everything triggers, no turns, 3 in a row down.

"WTF, but still need to clear the list. Besides, it's not like it can go down like that a 4th time." And that is when Marco went first again, with everything triggering, me with no turns but 4 straight defeats.

So I close the game for a few, fire it back up, click the button for the 5th time. This time RNGesus trolls the shit out of me. I go first, all of my effects and talismans fire off, match is done in 2 rounds without Marcos ever getting a turn...

Feel free to post up your own "RNGesus is a troll" moment!

03-15-2017, 10:07 PM
Not quite in the same league, but I was attacking this player called RCarter earlier today and couldn't buy a proc for love nor money ;). I can't entirely blame RNG though. On one attempt it was good old-fashioned incompetence that meant I forgot to renew my buffs on the green bat just before your prisoner transferred his seal then stun locked me to death...