View Full Version : Only 3 toons are usefull for PvP

03-20-2017, 12:20 AM
- Blue Bat and Demon Dog

- Prisoner to counter the above.

I'm giving up PvP for serious. I'll go back to only play for shards. Devs won't fix, Immunity taslimans are a joke. Kudos to you guys who enjoy it.

03-20-2017, 12:29 AM
No love for artillery dog?

03-20-2017, 01:22 AM
No love for artillery dog?

- Blue Bat and Demon Dog

- Prisoner to counter the above.

03-20-2017, 09:08 AM
Well, the field is indeed very narrow, yet we have to divide in offense or defense:

My descoverys:

offense (varies depending on what characters you have, yet due to very few characters being very strong/useful, it's still limited):
Eddies vary
Corrupt General
AOF (warrior for first round kill)
Golden Sun (gunner or assassin)
Troll (assassin for effect steal or warrior for offense/defense mix)
Corrupt rescuers (met all 3 online - gunner, mage, assassin - each has it's benefits)
Allied Bomber Boy (sentinel, gunner)
Soulless Demon (sentinel)

defense (mostly used in defense teams)
Mummy Eddie (i think 90% of the defense teams use him)
Grim Reaper Eddie (he seems second to the mummy)

Sentinel Soulless demon
Allied general pretty heavy tank
Troll (warrior)
Magus Golden Son (in pve, his heal on hit was pretty low nerfed, on ai it triggers good
Pyro Soldier (mostly sentinel or warrior)
Blue or Green Bat.
Desert marauder (his perfect hit passive is crucial in defense)
Gunner corrupt rescuer or pharaoh water ghost.

These are the most common used characters.
You notice, that most 1*-3* toons are very rarely used (i never saw any of the possessed rockets or mines, for example)
So out of the many characters, only a few characters come in handy:
They either have: high lifepoints (mostly alle good sentinels), high damage, either aoe or single attack (as mostly a combination of attack and life is needed, some high dmg characters are not used due to low damage) or you go with useful passives (yet, when you face a prisoner, he's your first target.

In most cases i mix the talismans, so 1 toon goes low-life & full damage, and the rest go high life and low damage. The match may take longer, but my invisibility talismans on 3 of 4 have won me a goog amount of matches.
Especially if you have a reviver stacked with heath in you team, you ca afford to have 1 high damage player, that get's killed every round.