View Full Version : Sacrifice Update - March 24th, 2017

03-24-2017, 05:42 PM
Only the strong survive! Sacrifice your duplicates for their essence to earn amazing rewards!

New Feature: Sacrifice!

Turn your extra characters into rewards! The Sacrifice feature lets you use up characters for their essence to earn all kinds of rewards, from XP Shards to Ironite to souls of nearly every kind.


Each character you add to a sacrifice adds essence based on how powerful and rare the character is. The stronger your sacrifice, the better your rewards… resulting in better items, higher quantities of items, and a higher chance of better items.

Each sacrifice also builds up the Vortex Meter, which is represented by the purple inner circle around the sacrifice pool. Bigger and better Sacrifices will fill the Vortex even more quickly. When the Vortex reaches its peak, you’ll earn 5 bonus rewards for that sacrifice, pulled from a reward pool of Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Skill Shards, and Legendary Souls!

You can access this feature by entering My Team and selecting the “SACRIFICE” button on the bottom-left of the screen.

To learn more, view the Sacrifice Basics section of Help in the Options popup.

PVP Changes

Removed team costs from restricting your team in PVP to allow lower-level players better flexibility to compete

Bug Fixes and Improvements

To communicate when the game is waiting for the server for a response, a loading wheel will appear in certain situations
Fixed some cases where status effect kickers would show up at incorrect times
Fixed an issue where the game may hang if the Prisoner dies to Doom