View Full Version : Balancing PVP

04-07-2017, 09:25 PM

I think i'm not the only one who has noticed,
1- top ladder (and bottom too i guess) is filled with prisonner, mummy eddie and sentinel soulless demon
2- noone has a defense that can go over 25% winrate
3- going first is a huge advantage
So im gonna try to propose some solutions

1- The prisonner is getting nerfed, we will see some change, i think it's nice but there's over 90% of top 200 teams with ssd or mummy eddie, over 40% with both, i dont think these 2 toons are broken but i think taunt is way too strong so we could

- Nerf proc rate, basic but effective
- Make taunted toons attack in the end of your turn, therefore letting the other team some time to cleanse it
- Make taunted toons only forced to traget this particular toon, letting him choose the skill he wants to use (needs some balancing, this nerf would might be too strong, however underpowered toons wouldnt be a problem)

2- A fairer matchup for defenders would mean that reaching the top ladder could be achieved by people having a well built team and not only people who spam refills. Improving the AI seems the optimal solution, but maybe too hard to implement. If there's no buff for defensive teams, they will always be below 50% since you can adapt your team, but to get the stats closer to 50/50 we could :

- Get the odds of begining the game when attacking at 50% (or even lower) instead of the actual 2/3

3- This point might balance a bit the defense winrate, we could

- Make buff disappear at the start of the teams turn, therefore team going first would lose their passive bonuses
- Get the team that goes second an invicibility for the first turn, this way the team to go first could just try to CC the ennemy team or to prepare some defensive tools
- The team who goes first got only two toons, chosen randomly, who get to play during the first turn
- The team who goes second get the duration of its passive augmented by one

p.s. of course, just choose one or two in each list. I think this could make the PVP more interesting cause when you go first as attacker you are (nearly) sure to win, so it feels like throwing a rigged coin and a more diversified ladder is always funnier