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08-03-2016, 12:53 AM
Hi all,

I'm playing for almost a month now and i'm sure i'm able to share some thoughts about guides.

Some tricks i've learned playing

- Upgrade your talismans!!!!!! They are important!!! Even your char is a 3-star, upgrading talismans to a 4/5 star makes a huge difference. I have a Soldier Eddie (3 star) with:

2 red (safeguard and skilled)
2 yellow (bullguard) talismans,

All at level 40 with 4 stars

- Always use talismans in pairs (or 3 if needed), because they give you effects when you use your skills

Use them to make a good balance of ALL your skills when you udgrade them, giving points to almost ALL of your stats


With my Soldier Eddie all stats are upgraded when i upgrade a talisman

- Which talimans i use it?

It depends the main talisman color of your champion. if its red, begin with red talismans, yellow with yellow and so on. Try with them and see the results at your stats

- What about allies?

When i began playing i've collected all champions possible with my gems. Now i have only the Eddies and 2 more chars to complete my party. Why? Gold and upgrade. Selling unusable allies is good and give gold to upgrade. If you want another char classm], simply pick a gem.

My used party:

- Soldier Eddie (3 star) with 4 lvl 40 talismans

- Souless Demon (4 star) with 3 freezing talismans, 4 star with lvl 35 and 2 health talismans, 3 star, lvl 30. See it? I must upgrade them to 4 star as soon as possible

- Angel of Pain (4star) with 3 shock talismans, two 4 star, lvl 40 and one FIVE star lvl 36. Two power talismans, lvl 40, 4 star. One 4 star energy talisman at lvl 40 (this one is the main, green). I dont use 2 greens because most of them you have to put 3 of the for the main effect. This is my most powerfull champion, killing a line of four easy depending of opponent level

- Unlock secret levels!!!!

They are important, the give you gold!!!!!

I've finished alieged at the 3 levels
I've finished the sands at the 3 levels
Battlefront at normal and hard, and i will be very honest: I'm not passing 'Combat Red', even with a trooper helping me.
Underworld i have to win one more star at 'the number of the beast'

- Shards

This week i was playing for a yellow, 2 star shard for upgrading my soldier eddie (i want to upgrade him first, not the others [mummy, speed of light, wickerman, killers, run to the hills], because i like its balance)

To find the shards you need play harder levels and see the 'drop info' and note the following:

- If you need a 2 star red shard and won a level winning a 2 star blue, this is the level that gives you a 2 star any-color shard

Hope it helps