View Full Version : Can I borrow a Viking Eddie?

04-16-2017, 07:50 PM
I'm an everyday player. I just want to play around with a Viking Eddie, if someone will add me.


04-16-2017, 08:05 PM
I've got Viking Eddie, just not sharded and right now he's just holding talismans. I can see if I can put a set together without robbing my pvp team and then can swap him out with my RTTH.

04-16-2017, 08:08 PM
Oh cool. Thanks man. Everyone I've tried to add must have a full slate of troopers.

04-16-2017, 09:11 PM
Ok, swapped a few talismans over to him. Not the perfect set, but should be close enough to play around with him. I'm sure he'd be much better with the right combination and some shards. Nicko uses him, so I see that as a pretty good endorsement of his value. Think for sacrifice he'd be one of my highest value Eddies. Not going to off him though.

04-16-2017, 09:30 PM
Nice. Thank you. I got my butt kicked a few times because of losing the toss at the beginning of the battle. But, even when I got to go first, his freezing fury was kicking my ass lol.

04-17-2017, 12:39 AM
Used him. I'm now on a qwest for him. I'm going to save Green souls until they just can't help but give him to me lol.

04-18-2017, 07:38 PM

Fully sharded -feel free to request