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08-03-2016, 05:13 PM
Hey there. I am having a hard time deciding my line up. Nothing I go with seems to work ok.

- Wicker Man Eddie (4*)
- Allied Bomber Boy (4*)
- Rocket Dog (4*)

What I have:

- Wicker Man Eddie (4*)
- Eddie (3*)
- Mummy Eddie (3*)
- Speed of Light Eddie (3*)
Ended up selling my Soldier Eddie by mistake :(

- Rocket Dog (4*)
- Soulless Demon (3*)
- Undead Axis Gunner (3*)
- Wickerdog King (3*)

- Pharaoh Dog (4*)
- Angel of Pain (4*)
- Axis Soldier (3*)
- Allied Soldier (3*)

- Allied Bomber Boy (4*)
- Soulless Demon (4*)
- Angel of Strife (4*)
- Rock Golem (3*)
- Allied Soldier (3*)

- Soulless Demon (3*)
- Desert Rider (3*)

Any help is greatly appreciated! If you also have the time to also suggest some talismans... please go ahead as I am absolutely clueless on which are the good ones.

08-03-2016, 05:23 PM
I'd at least try a team of:
Normal Eddie (well balanced attacks), Rocket Dog (brutal with the right talismans), Pharaoh Dog (good all-rounder and will heal all)
But have Wicker Eddie & Mummy Eddie in back up slots, in case the level needs something magus or sentinel specific.

I, too, sold my soldier Eddie by mistake, which is why so many of my characters are locked now so it can't happen again (late, too late). Luckily I have lots of troopers with soldier Eddie that I can borrow

ETA: as for talismans, the colour of the slots on each character gives you a clue, but there's a lot of maths involved in perfecting it. Others are better placed to advise you on that than me :)

08-03-2016, 05:50 PM
I have 3 primary lineups I use, depending on the boss and other enemies. In your case, Wicker man Eddie is a "damage over time caster", so you need characters who can enhance his attacks or keep the team alive longer. The allied bomber boy (sentinel), although a "party enhancer" with a great passive (raise MR and DEF), isn't a great healer or damage booster. The blue alied soldier's reflect shield works as both a defensive and offensive (although not my style), he's probably one of the strongest allies in the game. Great for an early team though. Red soulless demon is great in the early stages to help finish off a group, since he's easy to boost (just give him all red talismans. Once you get more allies, it'll be easier to round out a great team.

08-03-2016, 06:45 PM
I agree with headless. Depending on your style, there are plenty of options. I think the concensus is to pick allies that complement your Eddie. Every Eddie has his strengths and weaknesses (some are better than others all around like carriage rider and soldier). Your allies should help minimize your weaknesses and amplify your strengths.