View Full Version : In top 20 for first time (mid week only, won't last)

05-04-2017, 05:57 AM
Certainly this won't last.

Rank 17 with 107/116 92% attacks and 24/92 26% defenses.

But most of all it's fun again. A week or two ago, I just wanted my arena coins. Going up meant mummy/vision and prisoner every single match on my attack list and I hated it. Nothing "personal" against those characters but the fact everyone ran them made the game boring. Now, it's wild, I see a lot more of different teams and loving it.

I got some upgrades, too. Maxed some key characters, got me a strike set (still sitting with half a shield and half an immunity one), will probably get another later today, got my hand on a nomad. And funnily enough a second one out of nowhere the day after, out of sacrificial event from a regular rare soul. Still my one and only 5* ally to go along my cyborg, grim reaper and my 3 (out of ~30 sacrificial souls) shaman 5* eddies.

My defense has Cyborg (!), recently switched my maxed sentinel allied bomber boy to low sharded the nomad with strike, maxed gunner corrupt rescuer (getting next strike) and warrior pyro soldier. Last two have energy sets.

I attack with pretty much the same until the hellhound fix.

I didn't suffer from most of the game breaking bug. I do restart the app every few matches though.

05-04-2017, 09:26 AM
Congrats. Shame there isn't a daily arena award as well, else we might have won something. I made top 50 today for th first tindand finally earnt that Achievement Skillshard. I'm subsequently being knocked back into my place as my defence isn't good enough but it's made me happy. Nomad with Strike Talismans have helped me out a fuckton. He singlehandedly won me one match.

05-05-2017, 04:24 AM
If your percentages last you might stay pretty high up. I must say the new matchmaking has made the arena much more pleasant. You receive what you dish out, no more pressure to attack 300 times a week to stay above 2100 points, i havent heard of invisible people.

The point sytem needs tweaking to make it worth it to play a bit more, but I feel like most people are landing where they belong on the rankings.

05-07-2017, 08:26 AM
Hi! I just meet your team yesterday in the arena! Nice one, that gunner CR is a really powerfull character, i want her so hard :)
I agree that the arena is very more pleasant now with that 1:1 ratio, players skill is more rewarded instead of spending ironite and the teams are a little more various than before !
Congrats for your ranking last week