View Full Version : Can we have some more songs in the soundtrack?

05-18-2017, 07:53 AM
I mean, this is an IM game, would there be a problem in adding more songs? I personally think that the soundtrack thats is played while playing is very small, imo there should be a list of songs for every chapter of the game, as an example, battlefield would have:

The longest day
For the greater good of god
2 Minutes to Midnight
These colors dont run
Aces high
The trooper
The mercenary
Die with your boots on

And by random each level would have a song chosen!

Heres one for ailing kingdom:

The pilgrim
The wickerman (no shit)
The reincarnation of benjamin breeg
Fear of the dark
Sign of the cross
Dance of death
No more lies
Still life
The clairvoyant

Other than that, can we have a song play with an animation when we get a 5* eddie?

As an example:

when you get Pharoah, the chorus of Powerslave would play, and a shitty cliche of the zoomed in screen moving around his body, showing us irrelevant body parts, aka showing how cool he is.

When you get Rainmaker, the first 10 secs of Rainmaker would play, and like pharoah, a shit zoom in cliche would happen.

When you get Samurai, whatever part of Flash of The Blade would start, and same shit with pharaoh.

When you get visions you get a man saying "fuck you"

When you get grim reaper (for free ofc), the first 10 secs of dance of death would start, same shit with pharoah.

When you get shaman, the book of souls' chorus would start, same shit dont wanna repeat.

When you get cyborg, cought somewhere in time's chorus or stranger in a strange land would play, also same shit.

I think u get what im talking about.

Also, furies, cant we add shit to them? I was disappointed when i didnt hear speed of light when i used SoL's fury. Really. Disappointed.

06-08-2017, 08:59 PM
I would like if Brave new world had the following songs :

Brave new world (no sh*t x2)
El Dorado
Still Life
Sun and Steel
Man on the edge

Also, i think that since there is an Underworld, it could be a good idea to add something like a Heaven place but without the cliche angels and that.

Flesh out the blade
The man of sorrows
If eternity should fail
Only the good die young
Infinite dreams

That could be a very good tracklist for a map with that look.

Your list isn't bad also :)

Ancient Mariner
06-10-2017, 09:04 AM
Yeah after all i started to play this game for the soundtrack, it surely needs some new songs.

Nice ideas thrown there Nekro