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05-21-2017, 02:50 AM
Hey what's up all? I'm new to the forum, and I signed up specifically to talk about this one thing... I've been playing a few weeks, and splashed out over 40 on this game (that's about the price of a full, brand new, well made game for a real game console where I am), and so far I have gotten only a couple of decent characters. No 5 stars at all. Feels like absolute sh*t value for money, and I doubt Bruce and the boys would condone this company f*cking their fans around like this. Is anyone else really frustrated with the frog's overpriced in-app purchases and worryingly low drop rates? I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with any drops. I think it's absolutely stupid that should you choose to pay to summon something (in my case to get a leg up on the arenas where I am matched against full rooms of level 70+ players), and all you get is a 'chance' to get something good. I've tried talking to the developer but they don't like answering their fanbase haha! So I'm asking my fellow metal heads if you agree with me or not. Do you think there should be some overhaul of the drop system? I feel like it is rigged and broken at this point.

05-21-2017, 01:08 PM
It's definitely going to take a while to build up a good team. A few weeks won't be enough to get competitive in pvp. I started last July and only have 4-5 natural 5* characters. I think I was 2-3 months into it before getting my first. Rare souls used to be easier to get back at the beginning, so it's probably even harder now.

As a new player, I wouldn't even worry about pvp. Play for the coins and buy the skill shards, but otherwise I would concentrate on finishing the game. You get grim reaper Eddie when you finish everything. He's pretty good.

Edit: send me a trooper request if you want. Getting some strong troopers from the forum will help you get through some of the tougher stages.

05-21-2017, 02:41 PM
Well, I think everybody here is aware of what you are describing. It sounds hard, but you basically have to suck it up or quit. I think most of the long term players got used the way thinks are and there is really not much to do about it.

I'd break the main problems behind the concept of the game down into three points:

1) RNG

Randomness is the solution for everything. Combat elements, rewards, progress if you want to summarize it, is all highly influenced by luck, chance and sometimes abyssimal small probabilites. People have been complaining about too much RNG, especially in regards to rewards since I started playing (November last year I think) and if you read through the forums it was mentioned before then.

It is not an interesting or fun kind of RNG where suprisingly something good happens to you, but the kind of RNG where you hope for the an outcome that is not utterly bad...

It is highly unlikely that this will ever change. It doesn't require much creativity and coming up with an engaging reward system. Solutions for too much RNG in the game ust add new layers of RNG (Sacrifice, now Eternal Souls), so the RNG circle continues. Is it lack of

2) Time horizon

It is obvious that the developers are afraid that someone actually "finishes" the game. Since the gameplay argueably lacks in some aspects and isn't interesting enough by itself a player who has collected everything will quit. So we need obstacles to avoid exactly that, RNG is the most promising one. Take the Book of Souls system for example: The chances of one acquiring all characters are so low, they are negligible, so a player will never finish his collection.

There are some side effects for players not in the absolute endgame for this: You want older players not to be able to max out there toons too easily, so Skill Shards or certain materials require a lot of effort (mostly due to small chances). Newer players are affected by this as well and can basically never catch up without spending vast amount of resources. Much in this game is about "long term" goals. Just the last 4 characters introduced will take months, with bad luck easily a year to be acquired by an avergage player (who still needs to play consistently).

The whole concept of PvP is kind of a paradox. You want as many people to participate, but then again you do your best to make it as effort consuming as possible.

3) Prizing

You touched on this, but especially when you know how bad your return is the prices are a joke to most people. Key is: most people. I think you can say with almost certainty that the pricing structure targets people with low price elasticities (in other words: those who buy, no matter the price). I doubt that it is a sustainable way of founding, but if it works, it works. I actually like that the return you get is so bad that it discourages investing.

I am aware that this can be read as being very negative towards the game, but I somehow still like it and will likely stick around. One just have to face its flaws and be aware of what you are getting youself into...we haven't even touched on bugs and content update circles.

06-03-2017, 01:56 PM
I have been playing since the initial Beta launch (yes I was lucky enough to be in the Closed Beta) and I can wholeheartedly understand your point of view. The best way to improve in the game is to keep on trying. It doesn't matter if you don't get all 3 skulls on a battle - just keep replaying it because each time you still get other drops like skill shards, souls, talisman etc.

If you get a character that you like using, not always a particular Eddie either as a lot of players use an Eddie as their Champion for other Troopers, then focus on building that character up as high as you can reasonably get and then when that's up high enough start on a different one. A character also doesn't need to survive the battle in order to gain experience and level up, the only character that must survive in all battles (except PVP) is Eddie.

Once you have a good set for the progression battles, don't bother with Time Rift or PVP until you're established and have a good selection in your team, then you can use them but swap some characters out for others to get them through. My main team is usually 5* Storm Eddie, a Trooper, a lower star Eddie (whichever I want to build up) and then for my Ally characters it's a selection between Pharaoh Dog King, Warrior Newborn of Light and The Nomad.

Send me a Trooper Request if you want assistance in progression and if you also want to 'try' a new character then PM me in here and ask if I'll change my champion to another of my team for 24 hours.