View Full Version : Does the AI have boosts

05-24-2017, 12:10 PM
...for brief periods? Or is it something else?

I noticed that there are some periods of time, when my defense seems somehow stangely 'better'. Yesterday, I've had many holds in a row, during some certain hours. I didn't got the time to attack so much and also to win, to have all of the streak bonuses, so there was almost a 'bare' defense, with just 1/5 active.

For my surprise, I ended the day with a 48% of defense wins, from a usual 20%-26% in all of my weeks of PvP.

Today, in the same periods of time, my defense was broken many times, even with the 3/5 of the streak bonuses active. Enough just to maintain the same rank from yesterday, that is somewhere around #100.