View Full Version : Question about green Bat / drool dog

08-05-2016, 05:12 PM
Has anyone tried the invisibility talisman set on either the green Bat or the drool dog? I was wondering if invisibility procs and your bat or dog take damage for an ally if it reduces to zero? If so I think this would be a very powerful set, as your party would theoretically be unkillable for a full 3 rounds! Anyone tried this?

08-05-2016, 07:11 PM
It does work like that... Which is a mistake.

The passive should not be overwritten by a talisman.
The talisman provides a 3 turn Vanish which causes attacks to miss... Technically the attack does not miss, it hits its target (you see the word blocked), although the damage is transfered to the Angel. Block states "takes the damage..." not the attack.

Still, it's useless, you'll get 3 turns where you'll be obligated to use his power ability, which costs 6 power and gives him invincibility and a possible taunt. Invincibility should be able to reduce damage to zero, not vanish.

You can't do it with the dog because you need a passive abiilty to keep the vanish status... The dog has 2 attacks. Same with the desert guardian.

So, to summarize. It's a useless set up that will not only use 3 talisman spots that have nothing to do with the character but also take a lot of RNG to pull. All this, on a broken character.

NOT powerful at all.