View Full Version : "Going Home" Event, let's have fun!

05-27-2017, 06:21 PM
EDIT: Or not. Near 200 defenses without a hold, I'm switching back to my usual defense and held 50% of the next 6. Sorry those who were enjoying it...

Hey everyone!

So next week awesome rewards for 500 attacks, win or loss (no draw). Gotta be a marathon for most players, and if running your 50 troopers too, ouch!

Well here's what I will do, depending if legal or not, so I'd like to hear about that!

For SURE I won't run my usual defense with its GCR reviver. I know that when I was still building up my toons I'd get draws against this one, doesn't happen anymore but I don't want it to happen to other.

1- I won't use any Eddie/Trooper that might lead to a draw on defense

Then why stop here? I, for one, would enjoy taking out some fun toons this week. But last time we had a similar event it got so painful I ended throwing up 20 or so matches in a row just to get easier opponents and a little boost to my count. So, again, if I'm to face me I'd love to see a funny, styled defense. And blast it out in 2 or 3 turns. Right now for me it would be MUCH less of a pain than last time, I'm confident on x3 speed and have a do or die kind of offense (fast games). But I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who would appreciate an easy ride for once, and this week more than any others.

But is that okay to do? I mean, forget the part about losing on purpose for now, is letting others grab free and more importantly fast wins legal?

2- I'll setup a fun (for me), easy and fast to beat (for you) defense

If more want to join me on this, and make it possible for people with teams still in the making to enjoy their week, you sure are welcome to do so!

And then comes Saturday, last day of the event, and say I'm short a hundred or more. I'll probably do it again and throw matches. Now, from recent history, it seems that you shouldn't do that. At least not on one single guy. But see, my intend isn't to make that lucky dude win, it's to throw ironite I bought with real money to get those last matches I need. In other words to throw money at the game.

3- If it comes down to it, I'll throw matches to get my count up faster. But how to do so within the rules, if possible at all?

I don't think I'll need that this time. But I'd like the answer anyhow. Some other people might be interested as well...