View Full Version : There are lots of problems in PVP

05-29-2017, 01:15 PM
Bugs always exist, but in this game? shows too much......

We fight in PVP a lot recently because of the event.

And we met more and more bugs.

Take me for example:

1. Why "take" of vision eddie of my opponent can trigger freeze?
Wasn't that fixed in some version?

2. Why "twist of fate" (basic attack) of my warrior troll can steal opponent's buff?
It happened only one time.

3. I saw an assassin undead rescuer of opponent, it's "return" got 5 more extra turn (attack 6 times totally).
Let's do some simple math, 25%*25%*25%*25%*25% = 0.1%, I guess I am a luck guy too see that?