View Full Version : Talisman Horde (previously Lightbringer Madness) rewards change

06-08-2017, 06:50 AM
i'm serioulsy thinking of skipping this level soon, as it's (besides Battleground madness secret location) the only level i don't trust the ai and play manual, requiring a good trooper or my pharaoh on some terms and for what? 1 or sometimes 2 rather common talismans? Really? I fight 5* 100 characters and get that? (besides the 12 SoT wasting)

As these levels are arguably the most hardest levels ingame, the rewards should drop better. How about a higher chance for skill shards or fragments? (or maybe even souls - anything that is better than another dupe talisman - or put rare talismans there - like resistance, resilence or the arena-shop exclusives)

I'm definitively for a rewards change, as compared to the enemy level and the therefore required level, you'll defitively get too low rewards.

06-08-2017, 08:42 AM
I partially agree and partially disagree.
I disagree in that the Talismans you receive aren't common. Skull Quests can drop Guardian, Piercing, Energy, Paralysis, Stone, Crystal, Freeze, Penetrating, Paladin, Invisibility, and Death Talismans, which are unavailable anywhere else.
On the other hand, they also drop Void Talismans (got another this week...sigh) which I believe the devs acknowledged as a mistake.

I agree the rewards can be better though. I've had several times where I spent 12 SoT to get... one Talisman. Just one. If they could make sure you could get 2-3 Talismans per go minimum that would solve a lot. Or, as you suggested, a higher dropchance for Skill Shards or Precious Soul fragments.

As for your rare Talisman suggestion, that'd be cool (at the cost of overcrowding the loot pool) but I fully expect they'll pop up in Brave New World instead.

As for your autoplay thing, what team(s) do you use for that Satani? My team of AoF, Navigator, Gunner GS does everything on auto just fine (note that they're all fully sharded), though I haven't tried Talisman Hoard on auto yet.
Talisman Hoard is still easier than it used to be though. Both Trolls' damage got significantly reduced, and Magma Shields don't generate anymore. As a result, Carriage Rider isn't a necessity on that wave anymore (though he still rules). Dead Reckoning on the Troll wave will also help you very nicely.

06-08-2017, 09:39 AM
As for your autoplay thing, what team(s) do you use for that Satani? ....

I use nearly the teams in my signature: (max talismans for all)
Account 1:
Rainmaker (not fully sharded yet, working on it) - tried my Shaman (fairly skilled, not max - also not that good in autoplay), Gunner Corrupt Rescuer (max skilled) the third varies - in most cases i use a good trooper (Assassin CotD mostly)
Due to the "glass cannon" effecto of the Rainmaker, he's not good enough for autoplay, so mostly when his health drops low, i switch to my Pharaoh (partially skilled)

Account 2:
Vampire Hunter (except present base attack max skilled)
2x gunner corrupt rescuer (max skilled)
as Backup i use the pharaoh of my first account.

I once finished this level on autoplay with my VH, but that's it.
Gotta admit, that the corrupt rescuer is not an ideal PVE autplay toon.

06-08-2017, 10:07 AM
I tend to use Samurai (fully loaded), Nomad and Sentinel Bomber Boy - all maxed on auto and they never seem to lose at all on these levels. That team seem to be able to do anything on auto except the Beast level madness. I have been using this set of three for many months now as they are my farm team for troopers with Eddies on Game of Death.

06-12-2017, 11:49 AM
New area have so bad reward for the price, sure,.
The only good change was Skill shard, but y had only first week now 0 all days and only crap rewards
Definitely need an up-grad....