View Full Version : Matchmaking bug after weekly resets

06-12-2017, 07:34 AM
After the weekly reset, the game seems to still regard last weeks number of attacks as your current number of attacks, until you make an attack. I have seen this in the PvP stats since way back but thought it was a visual bug. The past two Sundays it has become evident that it goes deeper than just visual though.

The past two Sundays I have not been able to play and when I finally logged in there were loads of attacks, on both occassions. Obviously, the game thought I had carried out the number of attacks that I had done in the week before and because of the new matchmaking which seeks to even out attack:defense ratios, it put me up in the lists of a lot of players until I carried out an attack.

After I had done an attack, the system had my attack stats correctly.

It's not that bad of a bug, because with the amassed numbers of attacks suffered, you can carry out plenty of attacks while not suffering any other attacks than the odd revenge here and there, until your attacks are somewhat level with the attacks suffered. But still a bug that should be fixed.