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07-06-2017, 12:57 PM
What did you all get from your souls this week with the increased chances of 4-5* drops?

I opened 52 rare souls (23 regular, 11 anniversary, 9 G/A, 6 sentinel, 2 magus and 1 magus). The first 20 were rather crappy with only two 4* which were both dupes, but then I turned to my stack of anniversary souls and got Mystic Eddie, Gunner Golden Son and Warrior Undead Rescuer who were all new (plus another 4* dupe). Then a couple of more dupes before getting Alliance General (and another 4* dupe).

All in all, I got one new 5* Eddie, one new 5* toon and two new 4* toons, which helped me finish the BNW collection as well as the LoL collection. Plus seven 4* dupes which helped me to a level VI sacrifice, which got me a legendary souls from which I got Death Dog which was also new for me. Also got the two pumpkins I missed during the Halloween event. So all in all, seven new characters. So while my top 3 wanted (Samurai, Assassin COTD and Navigator) still eludes me, this event have not been bad at all for me. And the 1675 Ironite that I've spent on souls were all pretty much earned through the missions.

Oh, and eleven 4-5* drops from 52 souls is in line with a doubling of the estimated normal probability of 1/10 for a 4-5* drop from a rare soul.

07-06-2017, 01:28 PM
So far 37 rare souls (12 G/A, a few warrior/magus, a couple Sentinels, 1 anniversary and rest standard) and a legendary soul. It has yielded me a 5* Eddie in Cyborg from rare G/A, 4* toons in 2x Gunner CotD, 2x Gunner GS (one from the legendary soul) and 1 each of Sentinel Harpy/Corrupt Droid/ABB. Rest were 3* toons like Gunner ABB, Burning Mummy Dog, Wicker Golem x2,1 Warrior Haunted Pumpkin and the rest were dupes. That's 10 new toons for me so I can't complain about that. I wanted a 4* Warrior toon like Troll, Rocket Dog or Hell Hound but you can't win them all.

I'm probably gonna buy a 10x anniversary pack in the hope of getting an Eddie or a 4* toon I don't have like G/A CR or Warrior Undead Rescuer. Or at minimum a couple of 4* dupes to sacrifice so I can get more souls as a reward and continue to push for more new toons.

I worked out the drop chance for 4-5* toons from rare souls to be about 1/6 so just under 20% for me.

07-06-2017, 04:08 PM
Almost 10 Warrior NBoL. :]

Almost true, got 4 NoBL out of 20/30 souls mixed between red and normal souls.
No AoF so far, RNGesus (if RNG is really there)

07-06-2017, 04:38 PM
Coalgiver, navigator and mystic eddie were 2 new ones for me. Also got 2 shaman 1 carriage rider dupes.

07-07-2017, 04:16 AM
Did 10 anniversary pack today for 4 new toons - a Mystic Eddie, Magus Golden Son, festive wickerdeer (meh) and cheering wickerdeer (another meh). Rest were dupes including a MCR. So 30% drop of 4-5* toons for these souls today.

07-08-2017, 01:57 PM
only shit dupes for me many Mystic Eddie dupes, fotd eddie dupes, etc :rolleyes:
I say it again and again, we lose so many players because of that shit dupe system....

07-08-2017, 06:10 PM
After a great week of drops last week, crappy luck this week for me. Only new toon I just scored is a now nerfed NOL-A. Otherwise, I only had 2 4* dupes if I remember correctly.

I also noticed rare souls quit dropping this week. Played a lot of LoL dungeons and don't think I had a single rare sould drop this week. Also not getting rare souls in tiers 1-2 sacrifices. :(

07-08-2017, 09:38 PM
I have to say, this event was pretty good to me. Although I'll admit it here, but will never tell my wife exactly how much money I spent on it. I rarely spend money on these events, but alcohol was most certainly a factor this time. after $200.00 (still embarrassed to admit that) I got a few toons that have eluded me for the past year. Some I really wanted and some I just wanted to play with.

Finally got me a Corrupt General / Axis General... screw political correctness. I've wanted this since I first started playing.
Colegiver Eddie x2
Another CR Eddie
Dupe FOTD Eddie
Viking x2
Mystic Eddie x 7
Dupe Pharaoh Eddie
Whole ton of SOL and Storm Eddies
My first Navigator (No idea yet who to pair him with or if he'll be useful)
My first Tailgunner (No idea yet who to pair him with or if he'll be useful)

Notible pulls:
Another AOF
Assassin COTD (He is pretty bad ass... Like him so far)
Gunner COTD
Another Nomad... might see how the twins do together. Not sure it's beneficial to have two of them together.
Finally got Gunner CR x3. After I got one I ended up getting two more right away.
More Magnus CR x 5 (Lucy latex I believe some are calling her)
More pumpkins and reindeer than I know what to do with besides look at them from time to time. Don't think they'll ever find their way into the lineup.
All of the undead rescuers... mostly dupes...
So many harpys that I feel I need to have a chick party and marry them off and recoup my losses.

So this brings me to the part where I bitch a little... With all the great pulls and sacrifice fodder I was finally able to hit the Level VII in the sacrifice bin. Imagine my disappointment when I got 5 skill shards for that sacrifice. Are you kidding me??? I've gotten more than that from a level V sacrifice. Not sure if that's a bug or if I just don't try and hit VII again. I saved some toons a long time and built them up for that sacrifice and don't think I'll do that again. I have some other toons that can get me back to VII again, but if it's all for 5 skill shards, I think I'll pass...

This is starting to feel like a rant and I don't want to do that... so I'll step down from my soapbox and just play with some new toys.