View Full Version : Assassin Meathead

08-12-2016, 06:03 PM
Buying a few Gun/Assassin Shards because I was bored and ran across this guy. Leveled him up to 4* and have been playing with different talisman builds. He has some interesting abilities. The Mark ability only costs 1 power and the extra turn % happens more often than not. I have marked a whole group of 4 mobs and still come around again to hit them with his regular ability in one turn. On top of this, his damage type is True. The downside is that there is no information as to what stat will boost his True Damage in the tool tips. I will make him a Trooper once I get a better build on talismans. Plus I am still letting people play with the Pharaoh Spirit. Suggestions on groups and talismans are always welcome and if you have some extra trooper points drop a few common ones and try this guy out.

Not sure if this is known but I was testing Vamp talismans on him and he was getting the buff even when using his Mark skill


08-15-2016, 05:18 PM
I have the sentinel version and will probably level him up once the bugs are fixed and time rift live. His basic is AOE magic and has 30% chance to reduce ATK for 2 turns. He also has spell vamp which deals AOE magic and grants spell vamp for 2 turns (heals 60% of magic damage dealt). Could be potential here.