View Full Version : Standard-Eddie doesn't deal damage every time

08-13-2016, 08:55 AM
This is a new bug since yesterdays update. The first times i was quite unsure about this, because i thought i could missed out some buffs or debuffs.

But now im sure, that my Eddie sometimes simply doesn't do any damage regardless if i use standard or special attack. No buffs or debuffs are displayed!
This is quite rare, i would say about 5% of the time, but this happens several times since yesterday.

Beside this, my ironite is still fixed to three (before i got about 330-340). I cannot earn more even if i get some in secret levels.

Maybe some of you have the same problems. I would be thankful for every hint that could help me. I wrote to the support, but i guess they will
take several days to answer, because many people have some issues since yesterday.

But the game seems to be relative stabile ATM. It crashes sometimes but this is much better than yesterday.

I tried to reinstall the game, but nothing changed. So i will continue to grind and wait till these things are fixed. Hope this will happend soon