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07-24-2017, 10:17 AM
Another week in the books and the mighty GMAC is once again the Eternal. Congrats brother!! I guess now the questions are...

How long he will keep the streak going?

Will he be dethroned by one of the great players that are consistently in the Top 10 or will he simply step down as Jofer did?

So a few good and bad things happened this week. I'll point them out and if anyone ran across similar issues in PvP or had their own, this will be a great place to post them. Will also list toughest team that I ran across this week, but first the Top 10:

1. Gmac
2. Kamuz
3. Blacksteel
4. Carlos
5. Demoonchild
6. Lurpe
7. JAWolf
8. Chaosego888
9. ovy
10. alex

**Invisible Players**
So I noticed that others wondered the same as I in regard to JAWolf and Andinho. I did get attacked by JAWolf but didn't revenge as I usually focus on clearing lists. Never did see Andinho or JAWolf in my attack lists. I think (as some mentioned) that these players may not show up in player lists because of the player level they are at. I cannot confirm this theory, so maybe Sparton or Kaz can help explain why these two didn't show up in attack lists if they find the time.

**Toughest Defense**
Lately, I've hovered in the 100 to 50 ranks but had a family thing on Saturday so I ended at 183 after being in the top 100 around noon. Stats counter is bugged so it's impossible to know if that position is accurate. I had more success this week not going 0-5 against enemies as I pulled and sharded Sentinel Harpy and found a lot of success with her until I ran into this team:

Educated Fool - The only player to go undefeated against me, a perfect 5-0 and never showed up on my lists again for a chance to try and beat him. Great team w/Strikes but at the moment cannot remember the lineup. It's not really fair to say that I went second in every match as I didn't really have an opportunity to "go" at all! All 5 matches consisted of me watching my team get destroyed by counter strikes after being taunted by SSD. Once again, mind blown... well done!

**Nicko Strikes Back**
Our good friend (and forum original) Nicko gave us an excellent look at how our teams perform in actual matches this week. It was very cool to see and rather eye opening to the excellence of EVH when fully sharded and also why NF made the GUAS the char collected in Daily Rewards. Both are great chars to have and worth the skill shard investment.

The match footage led me to look into recording apps in the GooglePlay Store. Best one I found was called DU Recorder. Its sound is not as good as the app Nicko uses (his is Apple specific and is named Screenflow) but is free, relatively light on memory usage and will come in handy for me to post matches against Toughest Defenses in the future (if you guys allow me to do so) and will be good to post video when running into those weird matches where bugs take over.

One side note: I noticed that the Warrior Undead Rescuer has a bug similar to Warrior Trolls Shield bug that was killing it a while back. Anyone else seeing this?

As always thoughts, concerns, success and epic fails are welcome. See you all in the arena!

07-24-2017, 12:12 PM
First off, thanks for keeping this up mjmxiii. Always nice to chat about this. And congrats to Gmac! You deserve it!

My stats:
Rank: 51
Points: 3745
Tier: Warlord II
Attack Wins: 94% (184/196)
Defense Wins: 15% (26/171)

Apparently I missed out on spot 50 by TWO POINTS. Ugh. Fortunately I've been busy with my new Wrath the last week, and he's getting ready to flex his muscles for the Arena. Certainly helping out in PVE already.
I was a bit shocked at the start of the week, coming to like 11 attacks against me which I all lost. Motivated me to throw out GCR and replace it with the Harpy, and my defense has been constant since. I will change it up soon, but I need a few more Talismans leveled first. As usual, the lack of Strikes and Shells make it difficult for me to make a good defense, but I'll complete my Guard sets this week, so they may be some help for me.

In terms of tough defenses, well, it's pretty standard for me; the Wrath/SSD combo. I use a lot of physical damage on my attack team recently too, so Void Shields have been giving me lots of trouble too. The toughest defense that springs to mind was probably Gmac's, but I haven't really attacked multiple people (and lost) in short order last week. Still, Gmac attacked me a few times on Saturday and I thought, why not take a crack at him. Suffice to say, that was a bad idea.

And I agree; kudos to Nicko for those nice educative videos. A very nice gesture.

07-24-2017, 03:52 PM
My stats were pretty bad last week.
83% attack wins
17% defense holds
Rank 65th

Bradata's team is the one that gives me the most issues. Especially if he goes first. My offense is Wrath, Visions, Prisoner, and Assasin Artillery Dog. His Navigator can weaken my purple and gold guys to the point of not rebounding.

Also battled someone with counter strike on Navigator. This is a great idea. I tried it on mine and he was too easy to kill, so kudos.

Samurai with Explosive was a neat team, I thought, but not sure who had it. I love those explosive talisman, but I can't get a player to stay alive with them on, so.. they are just for farming.

07-24-2017, 06:51 PM
Hi guys

Thanks mjm for putting this together.

620/383 (still not showing my number of attacks, but I took a picture before reset)

Best Defense I think Kamuz, the one he put on Saturday. Good gamble changing it Saturday! Congrats.

One thing I like to point out is that we need to adapt every week. What was good on attack (and defense too) previous week is probably still good on the current one. But not as good, more new talismans are made available, and defenses tent to gravitate towards something new.

So constant testing and adaptation is required, every week, not just after major updates.

(this may seem obvious, but I don't know if everyone realizes how important this is)


07-24-2017, 08:56 PM
Attack 406
Defense 260
Rank 2
Well deserved eternal for Gmac congrats for your birthday, I hope devs will release a purple talisman so far only blues, red, yellow and green I want to see more assasins in pvp that'll be fun

07-24-2017, 08:59 PM
Been mostly away of PvP since a while now,
Decided to shard a couple toons & fiddle around a bit, targeted 20% holds & a top 50... Both surpassed :)

"New & improved" PvP is fun & far more diverse than it used to be, still some adjustments in order for me to chase a poster of course but in a near future... Nothing is impossible, if I can keep find time for it :P

258/201 att/def

... Not bad :)

07-25-2017, 08:58 AM
Just looking at the guys attack defence ratios some of the top 25 guys have over 50+ attacks compared to defence some even have over 100+. I am struggling like hell to be in top 50 and I have about 10+ or 20+ defence only. My number of attacks is always >350 so I'm questioning what's wrong with the matchmaking...

07-25-2017, 09:37 AM
Just looking at the guys attack defence ratios some of the top 25 guys have over 50+ attacks compared to defence some even have over 100+. I am struggling like hell to be in top 50 and I have about 10+ or 20+ defence only. My number of attacks is always >350 so I'm questioning what's wrong with the matchmaking...

You attack the whole week so the system "catch up" at you.
If you make 300+ on Saturday there is no chance that you will have 1:1 ratio.

Gratz to G for another Eternal, well deserved like the previous ones. Also Happy bday, i told you in F2F but i write it here as well.
I don't think that anything will change on the top if G doesn't step down. It's another proof of how badly the whole mechanism of PvP is build in that game.

I finished somewhere in top 50, don't exactly remember where, because i wanted the 5 rare souls for the event instead of the 1-2 G/A from a higher tier.
I didn't spend a single refill and i could easily held a top 50 place even with the ghosts and my lame defence which i am lazy to change.

As to best defence, well i can't remember anyone that surprised me or gave me a really hard time more than once. I lost 2 times from Kamuz on Saturday but i went second and his Eddie attacked me 4-5 times killing 2 of my toons while they didn't even counter back, shitty rng mostly.

07-25-2017, 10:11 AM
I just collected iron coins this week but i took a ss right before reset and ended up at 85th place.3397

07-25-2017, 10:06 PM
Mkultra is now 1 and he shoot my entire team with only an ANBOL with "ignore defense" power on him, what is that?
Impossible to beat if i don't begin
He one shoot my gcr too lol

07-25-2017, 10:24 PM
You attack the whole week so the system "catch up" at you.
If you make 300+ on Saturday there is no chance that you will have 1:1 ratio.

True but that implies spending shit loads of ironite...