View Full Version : Death or Glory! Climb Like a Monkey. Help find NYC FTTB

07-25-2017, 05:16 AM
SO after 3 shows in OKC, Dallas and San Antonio. And 2 shows in NYC, MY Monkeys finally made it on stage! So i came up with the idea of buying inflatable monkeys and bringing them to the shows i attended this year.

So OKC and Dallas went great. Videos below-


(Almost got kicked out... haha-that was AWESOME!)

We did the VIP Trooper party in San Antonio and hung out with the awesome KIM (who loves the Chad... haha!) But then this was the monkey experience that night:


Then i sent some more monkeys to my bro (Sean Ambrose-"Broz" for short) in NYC to deliver and he got 6 [​IMG] FTTB peeps to bring them in and then they made it onstage! AWESOME! It finally worked... hahaha.

(6:35 in he grabs them and then says even a monkey can do it! lol) Then you can see them at the end. But here it is during death or glory.

I need a good video of Death or Glory from July 22nd at Barclay Center. Was anybody there? Can you help me get some pix of anyone with my monkeys!? haha... i love that it went off so well. Putting smiles on IM fans faces, one monkey at a time!

I wanna hear monkey stories from this tour. One guy brought in like 40 bananas to a show! lol Let me hear about monkey stories... ready, GO!