View Full Version : Opening 3 legendary souls and did I get crap or what? read on

07-25-2017, 11:12 AM
ok did the title before opening here we go!

red eyes, looks good so far and.....
Carriage Rider Eddie - Dup

ohh wait more red eyes....
4* warrior Newborn of Light sigh.....

once more and red eyes again, how lucky
4* sentinel Angel of Strife - Dup

damn unlucky me

got 5 rare G/A souls t do;
of course no red eyes, why would I get red eyes on rare souls??!!!!
G possessed rockets, A undead axis gunner, G desert golem,G newborn of light

and Storm Eddie - all dups for me

I can't complain because last night I pulled 5* Rainmaker Eddie from a rare soul!! and you know what I will complain, because of all the crap this game puts me through! arrrgggghhhhh I also got Hellhound from a Legendary shard!! first one for me, I know he is weak but I got all the dogs now. Because I also got Demon Dog from a rare soul. I almost forgot I finally got the warrior Pyro Soldier 4*. This week has been fun with all the sacrificing!

I got my Vortex meter filled and got, what I think was a crappy drop. What do you guys think?