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08-09-2017, 06:56 PM
The apocalypse of the Brave New World has arrived, and with it new ways to seek out runes that you need, new talismans, and a devastating new challenge!

New Feature: Brave New World Dungeons

The Brave New World finally arrives! In this feature, you challenge grueling waves of corrupted people and creatures, culminating in a fight against the Dragon King!


To access the Brave New World, tap the Time Rift button on the main HUB, then swipe left to change to the Brave New World diorama. From there, you can access it to choose which of the three versions of the dungeon you wish to challenge, the Garden of Life, the Garden of Dismay, or the Garden of Fear.

The Brave New World is effectively the “talisman” counterpart to the Lord of Light; the rewards are primarily XP and Evo Runes of varying rarities. These runes always corresponding to the classes that the enemies have in the dungeon (for example, the Garden of Dismay drops Blue and Purple runes). Additionally, there’s also a chance of getting Talismans of the appropriate colour, many of which cannot be collected anywhere else!

But beware, for the Dragon King is no ordinary foe! He starts with a damage-absorbing shield that must be dealt with before it can take damage, and if you take too long, he resets the health of his shield. Depending on the dungeon being fought, the boss will either have a Titan Shield (need to do a certain amount of damage to break), Force Shield (need to do a certain amount of hits to break), or both a Titan Shield and a Force Shield. The Dragon King will also change what skills he uses depending on if his shield is broken, and will use a wide variety of debilitating status effects, from Grievous Burns to Marks to Doom, so be prepared!

Check out information on all of the talismans you can earn in the Brave New World dungeons in the Brave New World Talisman Info (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?8664) guide post.

The Brave New World becomes available after clearing the Silent Cries quest in Battlefield.

Debuting Brave New World Characters

A handful of new characters are available, debuting as enemies in the Brave New World:

Warrior Corrupt Rescuer (4 star): Applies burns every turn with her passive and can do more damage to single targets based on the amount of burns on them.
Assassin Corrupt Droid (3 star): An all enemy attacker that heals all allies when it gets a kill and can apply Void Shields to its team.
Warrior Demon Spawn (3 star): Reduces enemy healing with passive and can sacrifice its own health to full heal an ally.
Magus Demon Spawn (3 star): Reduces enemy fury generation with passive, can stun enemies, and can heal and buff defensive stats of allies.
Sentinel Demon Spawn (3 star): Drains HP from enemies every turn with passive and has multi-hit attacks that can silence enemies and grant Reflect Shields to allies.
Gunner Demon Spawn (3 star): Silences enemies at the start of combat and can steal beneficial effects and revive allies.
Assassin Demon Spawn (3 star): Inflicts the new Crave debuff on all enemies at the start of combat (causing them to take damage when healing), plus able to mark enemies, gain Perfect Hit, and revive allies.

All of the above characters are also available in appropriate souls for their class and rarity.

New Feature: Team Decks

Most features now save different team compositions from each other, and also let you save up to 3 different teams per feature, accessible with tabs above your team preview.


There is no change in the actual battles themselves; this change is purely so you can more quickly switch between preset teams before entering battle based on feature (different PVP strategies, fast grinding teams vs safe trooper-carry teams, etc).

New Feature: Selling Talismans when Earned

Talismans are extremely important factors for improving your characters, but over time you may find you have as many as you need of certain types. To help minimize needing to deal with overflowing talisman inventory, you can now press and hold on talismans rewards you earn from battles (including Brave New World) to check the stats of the earned talisman and immediately sell it if you don’t want it.


Campaign Drop Changes

With the addition of the Brave New World, the following change has been done to drops in the campaign worlds:

3 Star Coloured Evo Runes are no longer available in Madness difficulty of most worlds (3 Star Colourless Evo Runes continue to be available). You can now grind for 3 Star Coloured Evo Runes in the class-appropriate Brave New World dungeons on floors VI and above.

Character and Talisman Tuning

Additions/adjustments since the preliminary notes in blue. Removals since the preliminary notes in red.


PVP Changes

Fixed an issue where the last week’s attack wins amount is reported incorrectly
Fixed an issue where the defense tab badging would reappear after viewing the defense tab in certain situations
Fixed an issue where max level talismans would be badged to power up if you got new XP runes

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The item descriptions in the Talisman Evolve popup for Evo Runes has been updated to reflect the changes/additions in drop locations
Fixed an issue where character portraits on the victory screen would clip off screen on certain devices
Fixed an issue with certain multi-hit skills where it would appear as though the enemy is “healed” due to improper HP bar updates mid-attack

Known Issues

When you enter the Manage Defense screen for PVP, your team may be immediately set to characters that your defense team was not using prior to entering that screen. Please ensure you set your team to your intended characters before leaving that screen (your defense team will be correct to other players so long as you don’t exit that screen with unintended characters)
If you press and hold on a colourless evo rune in the character evolution popup, they do not clarify that they drop in the Brave New World, and 3 Star Colourless Evo Runes incorrectly state that they drop in Battlefield and Underworld


August 15th: Fix for issue that prevented people from logging in with Facebook
August 15th: Fix for issue that prevented people from playing if they haven’t played for a long period of time
August 15th: Fix for various combat hangs, including in situations when fighting the Brave New World bosses, turning off autoplay, and some other scenarios