View Full Version : Rainbow 2* runes

08-15-2017, 05:53 PM
Anyone have a good level to farm rainbow 2* talisman runes? I have plenty of 3*, but right now I'm having trouble upgrading talismen to level 4 in order to use them.

08-21-2017, 01:37 AM
These are the items I have the most trouble with too. Even the "Evo Material Cache/Hoard" I rarely get any. I think they're intended to be the biggest bottleneck in advancing your team; I have so many 3* talismans that I want to use but have no 2* rainbow runes to evolve them with

[EDIT] Today I got 6x 2* rainbow runes from the Evo Material Hoard, and I think I remember reading something, somewhere, about Strange Believers in Kingdom of the Sands having a particularly high drop rate for the 2* rainbow runes -- of course, by "particularly high," I mean less desperately terrible than most other quests. Anyway, I ran it 3 times today and came up with one rune, so I'll keep trying at it and report back what I find

[ANOTHER EDIT] I just got 15x 2* rainbow runes from Evo Hoarde, but nothing special from the Evo Cache. I don't think getting that many of them is a common thing, but make sure you do the 2 evolution skull quests every day. As for Strange Believers, I did it probably around 10 times last night (I wasn't counting) and came up with 2 of the runes. Tonight I'll try some other quest in Kingdom of the Sands