View Full Version : Please, Please Fix the Game

08-19-2017, 05:54 AM
Developers, I understand that your job is not easy; it involves sifting through line after line of practically identical codes and it wears on your mind. But there is no point in producing any new content when the game crashes every few minutes for half the players, and skills bug out constantly for the other half. Instead of progressing on Night City or whatever else is in store for the future of Legacy of the Beast, could you please focus your efforts on the issues that are causing all the crashes and skill glitches for so many people?

08-23-2017, 03:07 AM
Sorry; I know this type of post is useless. I'm just venting my frustrating of losing 100's of iron coins and trooper badges, and possibly lost my warlord status the few times I've managed to claw my way out of the Duelist division because the game just closes during a battle (that I was winning) and counts it as a defeat

08-23-2017, 09:02 AM
the game is completely bugged and for a long time again...particular android version :rolleyes: