View Full Version : The buggy team

08-19-2017, 05:19 PM
Maybe it's possible to put together a defense team that has a decent win ratio just by using the bugs the developers provide us with,
I was thinking such a team could include the following:

One or more of GCR (Yellow Lucy), Clairvoyant, VHE or similar to gain % chance of freeze insta-win bug on resurrection.
GCR also gives invisi-endure
Angel of Fear for a chance of extra turn without kill.

I realize such a team would not be nice to play against but it's already a fact that players lose many matches every day to these bugs.
Maybe if such a team was viable even popular @Devs would have more scenarios, logs and cases to review and Fix the Bugs.

So thread is open for suggestions on broken chars that would fit such a team.