View Full Version : 8 Day Arena Reset

08-22-2017, 06:26 PM
I came with this thought after realizing that a lot of people would like to compete for higher ranks in arena, but are unable to do so because to achieve a high rank it is necessary to play in the final hours of the week. Some people, myself included canít play during the final hours of the arena reset on Saturday due to XYZ reason.

To solve this problem I suggest to make the arena reset every 8 days instead of 7. That way everyone has a fair chance to choose a week they can compete in the final hours.


Week 1: Sunday to Monday
Week 2: Monday to Tuesday
Week 3: Tuesday to Wednesday
And so on..

This way, everyone gets a fair chance to compete in the final hours every week.

Also, leave arena store to reset every saturday night, we need those skill shards! lol