View Full Version : NF, please lower the SoT costs for BNW (temporarily)!

09-04-2017, 10:32 AM
…at least… as long the high levels of every dungeon are very unstable and the game freezes constantly. I’ve got 2, 3 or maybe more freezes every day, that’s 30, 45 or more SoT’s daily… it’s pretty much more than a half off the daily free ones… and it’s way too much…

Also, please consider in counting as ‘used’ a trooper the moment when the battle is starting, and let the system send the badges accordingly to that moment, so in that way, the trooper won’t be affected if/when the game freezes… IDK any other way to protect that, as I'm right now afraid to play BNW and to not send someone the badges if the freeze happens again...

Thank you.

09-04-2017, 07:36 PM
like the trooper idea a lot. if we start the game, the other guy should get badges regardless of the outcome, very good!

and regarding BNW: well, haven't played this since the blue buzz event. and i know many hardcore players who are not or barely touching it. that's really sad because it could be such a nice feature but in fact it's just a pain to grind it several times per day. didn't even have the motivation to grind for the 2nd immortality set, and that says a lot...
somehow it'S screwed and it's not only the bugged situation that causes frustration. the sot costs and the low talisman droprate are also part of the problem and the 5-10 minutes playtime per level. they should spice it up in a smart way, but easy to say and hard to do.

09-05-2017, 01:31 PM
I've tried to play BNW as much as I can, to complete some talisman sets, of course, but these freezes are the worst enemy in this game, as I've said, 2 or more freezes are much more than enough, every day. I'm wondering why they couldn't find a solution after all these weeks and the things are going in a very wrong direction (I'm looking a this recent failure of event). I wish they come with something, sometime, to forget this mess.