View Full Version : A few modest suggestions of gifts and additional options

09-11-2017, 03:19 PM
I've enjoyed the game and the progress it has made over the last year, and I'd like to share some thoughts with you I've been thinking about recently.

This would work like the gift-giving options in many other games, such as Mafia Wars and Candy Crush, whereas one could send small gifts, or "Offerings", to their Troopers, usually in the form of materials or souls. It would probably work best as a random Offering that's only revealed once the Trooper opens it, ranging from 1* materials to 3* or 5* materials (depending on whether it's evo shards or runes), or from common souls to rare and class-specific souls. Since you want to make the game more social, this would help in that area.

"Quick Animations" option
This would help autofarmers who want to play through their Troopers more quickly. It's an option that would turn off lengthy attack animations, in favor of quick, basic attack animations with maybe the icon of which attack is being used prominently displayed so you know what's happening. While we enjoy the game and earning Trooper points, we don't want to spend hours on this task. Time spent on the Arena or BNW is more important to us.

Better Trooper stats
It's great to know who has played our Champions, but there should be a better way to see these stats, rather than a quick list on sign-up. It could be an option in the Troopers list to see how frequently each Trooper has played our Champion in, say, the last week, and maybe include stats such as Defeated or Game Error to explain why we did not receive Trooper Badges on a given day.

Better use for gold
I know I'm not the only one who has mentioned it, but it could be implemented better as a form of currency. As of now, it's pretty redundant, particularly for the older players. It has at times prevented me from evolving characters or materials, but overall it offers nothings else in the game. Perhaps it can be used to purchase the Offerings suggested above, with rarer Offerings costing much more gold.

Seventh Son Eddie
If you do release a SS Eddie, I think it would be great to release two versions of him.
Magus or Sentinel for Good
Warrior or Assassin for Evil
Obviously they'd use the SoL Eddie mesh, but it's a thought.

I know you get a lot of flack from some players, but I understand the limitations and human error side of this business, and I think you've been doing very well so far. Keep it up!

09-11-2017, 03:55 PM
Good ideas! I especially like the Offerings idea. I would love to send gifts to my great Troopers. There would need to be some safeguards in place to prevent exploits, but I'd love to see something related to this.