View Full Version : Is there exsisting usersupport for this game?

08-16-2016, 01:02 AM

Ive tried contacting support due to my account suddenly beeing reset to level one again after i relogged ingame. I have spent alot of money on this game, and suddenly everything dissapered.

I might suspect that my old level 40 account is permanently deleted or overwritten.

There has been over 10 days since i used their online support form, and still no reply.

Has anyone made any succsess with getting support?


08-16-2016, 05:52 AM
Support are really snowed under at the minute; there are some people who have been successful in contacting support but I wouldn't hold out much hope at the moment.

Killer Bee
08-16-2016, 01:44 PM
I had a similar issue and support was able to recover my account and get me logged back in, but at that time it took 2 days to get a response. At this point it seems responses are delayed up to 2 weeks or more.

08-16-2016, 07:25 PM
Wow could you imagine how much a skill shard pack would cost if they hired more staff to help! Probably like $70!