View Full Version : Game Update - September 19th, 2017 + Get a FREE Pharaoh Eddie!

09-19-2017, 06:04 PM
We’ve added a new way to get a very special character, and completed a wealth of other improvements to continue refining Legacy of the Beast.

New Feature: 7 Deadly Gifts Calendar

Play for 7 days and get a FREE Pharaoh Eddie!

The 7 Deadly Gifts Calendar is a set of rewards to help new players get into Legacy of the Beast. Every day you log in, you’ll get an awesome, one-time prize, from Ironite, to a free 2x XP boost, to Skill Shards. Every day you log in will get you a prize, with the 7th day culminating in a Pharaoh Soul, which earns you a Pharaoh Eddie!

Not a new player? No problem! All players will automatically be eligible to get each prize that’s in the 7 Deadly Gifts, including the 7th Day reward of Pharaoh Eddie!

Please note that since this feature is primarily intended to help new players, the Pharaoh Eddie rewarded from this feature is a 4 star character. This Pharaoh Eddie can still be evolved to 5 star like any other 4 star Sentinel, and will still be dropped as his natural 5 star rarity from other Souls. Additionally, while the feature is launching with Pharaoh Eddie, the highlight character may change in the future for future new players.

Character and Talisman Tuning

Additions/changes since the preliminary notes in blue. Items removed since preliminary notes in red.


Store Changes

Arena Store: XP Shard bundles will become available (3* XP Shards x3, one bundle for each colour. 50 Iron Coins per bundle, 1/week)
Arena Store: Rare Soul x1 will be available (150 Iron Coins, 1/week)
Arena Store: A once-per-account deal of a Starter Legendary Soul will be available (300 Iron Coins, 1 time only)
Arena Store: Hunter Talismans will be available (Fierce/Safeguard/Skilled subtypes. 800 Iron Coins per talisman, each subtype 1/month)
Arena Store: Predator Talismans will be available (Arcane/Power/Sorcery subtypes. 800 Iron Coins per talisman, each subtype 1/month)
Arena Store: Skill Shards limit will be raised to 2/week (up from 1/week)
Trooper Store Tab: Common Soul x1 will become available (50 Trooper Badges, unlimited availability)
Trooper Store Tab: Precious Soul Fragments will become available (bundle of 25 fragments. 500 Trooper Badges, 2/week)
Trooper Store Tab: Rare Soul x1 will become available (875 Trooper Badges, 1/week)
Trooper Store Tab: Rare Warrior Soul, Rare Magus Soul, Rare Sentinel Soul, and Rare Gun/Assassin Soul will become limited (1/week)
Trooper Store Tab: Skill Shards will become limited (2/week)
Resources Store Tab: Skill Shards will become available (2,000,000 Gold each, 2/month)
Resources Store Tab: Legendary Soul x1 will become available (10,000,000 Gold, 1/month)

PVP Changes

The Defense tab has been updated so entries indicate the characters that attacked you
Added additional badging to improve first time experience with the feature
Added an icon to the “Manage Defense” button, and refined the presentation of the “Store” button icon

Sacrifice Changes

Adjusted sacrifices at Tiers VI and V to give 2 reward rolls at base sacrifice amount, and Tiers VI and VII to give 3 reward rolls at base sacrifice amount. Exceeding the minimum requirement still increases the chance of doubling, tripling, etc rewards (for example, doubling the requirement for a Tier VI reward will give you 6 reward rolls instead of just the 3 base reward rolls). Except where stated below, average quantities of rewards are equivalent to before this change (so you're 3x more likely to have a reward rolled, but at approx 1/3 the quantity)
Increased the average quantities of Skill Shards earned from sacrifices at Tier V and above
Increased the average quantities of Legendary Souls earned from sacrifices at Tier VI and above
Slightly increased the average quantities of Rare Souls and Rare Gun/Assassin Souls in Tier VI and above
Fixed an issue that would cause an error that forced a restart upon repeated sacrifices
Added a warning that you will not get gold for sacrificing a Gold Idol (or similar character)

My Team Improvements

Added iconography to Power Up, Evolve, Swap and Remove buttons in the My Team screen with regards to character and talisman management
Characters in the My Team screen will now have a golden border when they are 5 star and level 100
Talismans in the My Team screen will now have an “i” button which can be used to see more details about a set effect (without needing to equip a full set)
Added a warning that you will not get sacrifice rewards for selling a Sacrificial Heart (or similar character)

Language Support

Added Russian as a supported language
Added Japanese as a supported language

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Added support to be able to press and hold on rewards in more areas of the game to figure out more details about what a reward is (Arena Rewards tab, Challenges screen)
Corrected the Axis Soldier dialog icon in Silent Cries to use the correct character portrait
Added a feature where the Eddie Swap button would pulse if your current Eddie’s HP is low and it could be helpful to swap to a different Eddie
Added XP materials to the Rewards Info popup for Lord of Light and Brave New World dungeons
Adjusted some early-game first time rewards to make it easier for new players to get sufficient XP material
Improved load times going into the Skull Quest screen
Improved load times and stability when doing multiple battles in a row
Fixed an issue where skill buttons would appear when they shouldn’t when fighting the Dragon King, which could cause a hang if interacted with
Fixed an issue where the currency bars would disappear during certain screen transitions
Fixed an issue where using the Android Back Button on the Challenges screen would cause a hang
Fixed an issue where “Sacrifice” wasn’t localized to all languages in some places

Known Issues

On iOS, if you change languages in the My Team screen, the app will hang. Please change languages from the Cosmos or Time Rift screens to avoid this issue.
On iOS, the name in the App Store has changed to “Maiden: Legacy of the Beast” due to a newly-introduced 30 character limit on that platform.