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09-25-2017, 06:40 PM
Hello everyone,

The PvP Arena is an area of intense competition and rivalry. In our efforts to maintain fairness across our platform, our team is constantly keeping an eye out for discrepancies in player accounts. We take player reports very seriously, and although we may not discuss it publicly, we investigate each report we receive.

If you have any specific concerns regarding other players, please contact us by: sending an email to our support team using the Support button in the game’s Setting menu, emailing us directly at support@ironmaidenlegacy.com or PMing one of the forum mods directly.

Public shaming and callouts will not be tolerated. Posts that fall into this category will be deleted at our discretion. Continued attempts will result in a temporary or permanent forum ban.

We love our game and our players, we truly appreciate your passion and competitive spirit. Thanks for helping us build an exciting and supportive community.