View Full Version : Goku vs. Jiren last night. (Dragon Ball Super)

10-08-2017, 04:56 PM
Last night I watched the highly hyped up fight between Goku and Jiren the Gray and I gotta say damn it was intense.

First off, the internet traffic on streaming sites was so heavy that alot of sites were crashing and having errors. Basically the hype broke the internet (remember Star Wars: The Force Awakens?).

When Jiren first tapped into his power and shook an essentially infinite world of nothingness, I was feeling those chills. Even the other Gods were intimidated by his power. And that's not even close to his full power apparently.
Overall the animation and all that was extremely well done. It was obvious the designers took their time making it look as good as it did. And the introduction of Goku's new "Ultra Instinct" form is actually really cool. Hopefully they'll bring it back later in the show.

Just thought I'd make a thread out of this fight for anyone who wants to talk about it.

03-27-2018, 07:43 PM
The second fight of Goku vs Jiren was Epic too!!!

Then the 3 v 1 fight was awesome as well, IDK which one I liked better. But freezer and Goku fighting togethe was something I was never expecting to see. And of course 17 was the MVP of the whole tournament