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10-19-2017, 06:51 PM
New characters and new features have arrived along with a wealth of stability improvements.

New Feature: Satellite 15

Get rewards for free right from the Cosmos!

The outer reaches of space are hostile to most creatures, but for an Eternal like Eddie, there could be useful things to find. Satellite 15 represents a slow collecting of debris from the edges of space being filtered through and returned to the player as rewards. The rewards are typically a nominal amount of Gold, Shards, and Runes, but occasionally include Ironite, Talismans, or even Skill Shards!

Every 4 hours, one of the rings of Satellite 15 will collect a reward. Returning to the main HUB of the game any time after that allows you to claim a reward. A maximum of 2 “rings” of rewards can be banked (ie fills after 8 hours).

All players’ Satellite 15 starts with being able to collect just the most basic rewards, but quantities, rarities, and types of rewards improve as the player reaches higher player ranks. You can see a preview of rewards from Satellite 15 based on player rank by tapping the Satellite 15 button when there’s no reward to claim.

The feature is immediately available for all players. Its button is on the left side of the main HUB, under Cosmos/Time Rift and Skull Quests.

New Characters: The Witch Doctor and Mayan Priestesses!

New characters inspired by the Book of Souls album have been added to souls, including a limited time Ritual Soul!

Check out more info on these new characters, plus some limited time promotions around them, in the Dark Ritual event thread (http://forum.ironmaidenlegacy.com/showthread.php?9065).

New Missions and Reward Character: Using Talismans + Earn Crimson Pharaoh Dog

We’ve added new Missions to the game centered around using different combinations of Talismans.

There’s also additional Achievements for completing Missions which reward Crimson Soul Fragments. Complete enough Missions to earn the 4 star Crimson Pharaoh Dog, which can provide Echo status effects to allies, Heal and Accuracy Up allies, and has a passive which lowers Accuracy of enemies at the start of combat!

Character and Talisman Tuning

Additions since preliminary notes in blue. Items removed since preliminary notes in red.


Book of Souls Changes

Kari, Valkyrie Siren is now available as a 4 star Magus from appropriate souls

Inventory Changes

Max Character Inventory increased to 200 (up 20)
Max Talisman Inventory increased to 300 (up 100)
Reduced the maximum Ironite cost for expanding inventory to 100 (down 50)
Maxed characters now have gold frames in other parts of the game (instead of just the My Team screen)

PVP Changes

Added safeguards to prevent a bug which could cause players to bring more than one Eddie into PVP
Separated talisman deals to their own tab in the PVP Store
Clarified that Eternity Eddie is present (ie not a future addition) in the Arena Help
Clarified that defenses have no special advantages in the Arena Help
Fixed an issue where Party Cost was a requirement still for defense teams
Fixed an issue where the Iron Coin reward for defeating an opponent may overlap the preview of their defense team

Challenges Changes

Added new achievements relating to the Brave New World
Removed the “new Challenges available” badge from the Challenges button (will still be badged with sum of Challenge, Mission, and Achievement rewards you have available to claim)
Fixed an issue where players who have already completed most of the achievements could no longer visually claim more achievements
Fixed an issue where certain skills wouldn’t consistently trigger mission requirements
Fixed an issue where Troopers would make you unable to clear Missions that required all characters to survive

Brave New World Changes

Fixed an issue where combat could hang after a character procs an Extra Turn with a skill that destroys the shield of the Dragon King
Fixed an issue where combat could hang when transitioning between waves depending on how enemies are killed in the third “mid-boss” wave

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Improved the visual quality and stability of the Ailing Kingdom combat environments
Improved the visual quality of the quest panels by giving them a gradient texture instead of being a flat black
Improved the ability to scroll in many scrollviews which included buttons (including Challenges, Arena, Troopers, and Quests)
Fixed an issue where a hang could occur in PVE battles relating to Counter, Extra Turn, and reflected damage
Fixed an issue where a hang (or extremely long delay) could occur when Reflect Shields/Thorn Shields/etc were present on both sides of the battle and a lot of damage kickers were being triggered and reflected
Fixed an issue where players could be blocked from logging in if they tap the Facebook Login button before trying to log in with an email
Fixed an issue where the Purchase Failed modal would be unresponsive if you lost connection before it triggered
Fixed an issue where the app would crash if the player repeatedly tapped the News button
Fixed an issue where Assassin Souls (such as the Corrupt Ox Soul) were blue instead of purple in the Book of Souls
Fixed a display issue that occurred behind the boss at the back of the Underworld map
Fixed an issue where rarity of items were not always aligned correctly in the loot popup
Fixed an issue where the loot popup would snap to the beginning of the scrollview in some cases when many rewards were earned
Fixed an issue where the skill shards would say they’re limited to 1/month for Gold when they were actually limited to 2/month
Fixed an issue where the popup saying you have insufficient gold recommended you use Troopers to earn more
Fixed an issue where the descriptions of Resilience and Resistance Talismans were reversed in the Garden of Dismay Rewards Info Popup
Fixed an issue where Stone Talismans were not reported in the Skull Quests Rewards Info Popup
Fixed an issue where the roster of characters would sometimes not load in correctly the first time you enter the Sacrifice screen
Fixed an issue where character sorting descriptions in some languages were in very small font
Adjusted various Japanese character names, talisman names, and dialog lines to improve quality