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10-29-2017, 03:16 PM
I am no Nicko, MJM, or Tridmensionale, but I had to post the congratulatory thread for my good buddy Slauki, the Champion and Eternal for PvP week 37.

Well done my friend...Long overdue and very well deserved. You stood at the top of the rankings for nearly the entire week, and kept on amassing a good lead and cushion.

Well done also to Kamuz and JJJ who rounded off the podium. JJJ kept close to Slauki all week, but Kamuz made a crazy run to catch and overtake JJJ at the end.

Well done guys, impressive stuff and congrats to all of you.

A few quick thoughts:
- PvP was slow on Friday and Saturday with the event...I couldn’t play the last 7-8 hours on Saturday before reset due to having more RL fun with my family, so dropped from 8 to about 24. Was surprised that I was able to hold onto top 25, and realistically was hoping for at least top 50, so quite happy and surprised at top 25...only my 2nd time ever, so I’ll take it
- PvP seemed more stable to me, and I did have just 1 Maclo error, but surprisingly the game remembered my victory and didn’t give me a loss, so the improvements that NF are making in error handling are definitely helping
- Two Players at the low level — Madcom at Level 26 and Skorpinok at Level 36, finished 8 and 12 respectively. This is highly surprising, given their defense team is very weak (both have 3* and 4* toons in defense), so not sure what is going on there. I did see them on my attack lists, but they made a very impressive late run to climb up the ranks. Either they are very good gamers, or there is something screwey going on that NF needs to investigate

Overall I have enjoyed the October events (except for the last), so sincere thank you to NF...these events made me come back from my break. Not sure how long I will keep on playing the game, but it has been fun being back, chatting with all my dear Maiden brothers on this forum, and playing with you guys in the battle field.

Congrats again to the ever Eternal Don Slauki and to Kamuz and JJJ. Well done guys!


10-29-2017, 03:48 PM
Thanks Iceman for starting the thread this week. I also want to say a big congrats to Don Slauki and Kamuz this week and to myself for finally making the podium :). I have to say to become an eternal takes an insane amount of time and dedication I tried keeping it close during the week while the event was going on but around midweek Slauki seem to just take off and I knew I had no chance so I was hoping to just make the podium. The event is what made it worth it to me, I had no problem constantly dropping ironite for refills as long as the event was going on trying to amass as many wins as possible. Once the event was over I tried to just maintain my position rather then try and rack up wins after wins. Not to take anything away from Kamuz because I am sure if I tried he would have kept his lead the whole time but once I saw I had third locked up and since there is really no difference between second and third in my eyes I kind of stopped going Saturday afternoon. Again, just want to say pretty sure Kamuz would have kept his lead, but I do apologize for not making the race a little more exciting.

I would also like to point out for all the griping about VHE being nerfed he seems to still be the Eddie of choice seeing as almost every team I faced had him. He is the only one of two Eddies to scare me on defense cause at any time he can turn the entire match around with his fury. Honestly, it could do zero damage and I think it would still be crazy, reviving everyone and giving them crit status for 3 turns is so game changing.

Also I would like to point out that Visions Eddie from attack perspective is highly underrated. I utilized him all week and he allows you to control a lot of defenses and its even worth it to shard him up for some of his moves.

I want to again say the amount of time, dedication, and skill it takes to finish this high any week is unreal. If it wasn't for an event I can't see myself ever really bothering with it, so for all who have done it and done it multiple times I can not say enough how impressive they are as players. The amount of resources it takes vs the rewards does not seem equal to me. Can you even begin to imagine the races we might have if they up the rewards for the top 10 finishes each week?

10-29-2017, 04:28 PM
Congrats Slauki great job my trooper

After a break from the arena all I can say is that thorn talismans are really overpowered they still need some adjustments defenses kill them selfs especially those with heavy hitters same goes for offense It was not safe using heavy hitters- seems like a Magus defense will be a great choice but we don’t have great Magus sadly most of them are just for support
I got a prisoner last week I tried to use him in the arena but he’s really useless a 5 stars super rare toon shouldn’t be that mediocre on the other hand the 4 stars Valkyries they became very useful especially the Gunner one
The defenses that I most like from last week were Nicko, Carlos, Enti, Fallen Angel
Congrats to Carlos for his new baby

10-29-2017, 07:19 PM
Thanks Iceman for starting the thread,
Well done DonSlauki ! one of the best trooper here and maybe the best forum/community contributor !
I still remember when i started play this game his help/guide threads were the ones i used the most to understand toons, talisman ecc..
So congratz my friend ! really deserved
Congratz to Kamuz & JJJ for the podium

10-29-2017, 08:04 PM
Congrats troopers :)

10-29-2017, 08:11 PM
Congratulations, Slauki,
I fought your defense a lot this week and it really was a pain in the ass. Till I found out the right tactics, then it was easier. I hope there won’t be too many copies coming.
Well deserved and congrats to Kamuz and jjj.
I could make it to Top 50 this week again and am glad about it.
I used VHE more than ever before and he’s still great after the nerf. Though I didn’t use him much before the nerf. My all time favorite in PVP is Wickerman Eddie, but with all those new toons that have automatic immunity, he’s not so much fun anymore.
Welcome back Iceman.

10-29-2017, 09:56 PM
thank you for the kind words guys (especially iceman), was really fun but time intensive to ginds for it. wouldn't have been able to accomplish it without my mofo buddies (especially gmac), so thanks to all of them too.

JJJ and kamuz were great opponents, so congrats to both of you. it was close till midweek so i decided to push as hard as possible for me till the end of the event.
it was hard to climb, because this seems to be one of the slowest metas we ever had. yellow valk makes fights sooooo damn long for me at least. she is not dorectly OP but a pain in the ass i feel. some counter for perfect immunity would be nice. at least it would be cool if we could remove all other buffs aside perfect immunity from her and the other toons, that would balance things out i feel.

aside that kamuz is completly right with the thorns they reflect way too much damage. and the both lowlevel guys iceman mentioned seemed also fishy for me.
seems to be some sort of error there like we have seen several times.

aside that was happy to see that the apma error got fixed, had several apmas, but every single one counted as win... just make sure that you have an internet conection before pressing okay, and things should work.

not i'm happy to chill a bit again :)

10-29-2017, 10:35 PM
Very well done to the top 3 and also to the rest of the top 25. It does take a lot of time and effort to keep in the top 25, never mind the top 10 or top 3 so props to you all during an event week too.

Quite a decent week I think, less crashes though I did still suffer a few VHE fury crashes so that is not fixed - also had the freeze revive issue a few times (also on the LOL missions with the Magus dudes) but overall things were more stable and thorns were not such a pain in the ass. They are a key part of my team and fir they way my team works so glad to see those crashes stopping - VHE is still a pain in the ass, but nowhere as bad as he was. Agree with others Gunner Priestess can be a slow pain to deal with too!

Other than that I now have a brand new nerfed VHE from souls to play with (once I get shard on it!) and I got a vortex fill and a couple of Leg souls as well as 55 (40 from ultimate sac and the rest from the vortex...plus 8 shards and 5 Halloween souls, so not bad!!!) GA rare souls. Scared to open the last batches in case I do not get a Cyborg or Rain dude.....really I am scared to open them!

10-29-2017, 11:52 PM
I'm happy to say I finally found an attack team that can win 9 out of 10 fights regardless of who goes first and a defense team with a hold rate of about 25%.

Sometimes I see young players mysteriously hitting the top ranks with no explanation for how they could win those fights. For example a few days ago my team lost to an attacker who's player level was 25 and he only used 4* characters. When I revenged him, his team crumbled like paper but my question is how he would have beaten me with low level characters. This mysterious player almost finished Warlord II the other day but failed to stay in the Top 100 due to the rush.

10-30-2017, 06:40 AM
Congratulations Slauki! Always nice to see a trooper getting Eternal! Great work

10-30-2017, 08:40 AM
Congrats slauki. Great that you finally did it, it's well deserved :cool:

Congrats to all of you other top contenders too, it's impressive that you go at it week after week \,,/

10-30-2017, 07:46 PM
Congrats to Slauki on taking eternal. Well done! Congrats to Kamuz and JJJ for making podium as well.

Not much else to add, usual crashes, thorns still a pain in my side, etc. This week has been buggy already. VHE switching me to cinema mode with the resulting force quit. And a couple new bugs (at least to me), GCR on defense starts reviving permadeath-ed toons (managed a draw on that one), and me being unable to revive toons that weren't killed with permadeath or by doom. Fun stuff.

10-30-2017, 09:38 PM
Congrats Slauki on your heard-earned Eternal! Great to see you up there!

Congrats also to Kamuz & JJJ. Nice work guys! \m/

10-30-2017, 10:40 PM
Congrats slauki on Eternal! You're a legend, and your contributions to this Forum have been very helpful to me personally. Glad to see you at the top!

And, congrats on the podium to Kamuz & jjj!

10-30-2017, 10:50 PM
Congrats trooper! That D is nasty!

10-31-2017, 09:39 AM
A little late to the party but i am kinda bored with the game lately and just auto everything and don't read the forums.
Anyway, a big gratz to slauki for a very well deserved Eternal, it's even harder when a PvP event is taking place but you really nailed it.
Gratz to Kamuz and jjj too for rounding the podium.

Thanks for keeping that thread alive Iceman and welcome back too, i was happy when i saw you on my defence list.

P.S. NF what's with the bots in PvP? lvl 20 players with no toons always winning my def?

10-31-2017, 07:44 PM
First off, thanks for IceManFerrar for keeping this great PVP thread tradition alive.
And my heartfelt congrats to Slauki for grabbing Eternal this week! That looked like a heck of an intensive run! Also congrats to Kamuz, JJJ, and the rest of the top5 (tough defenses you guys have too)

I do have a few other comments:
Regarding the point system: I got to see how it worked in all its glory as I pushed hard on Sunday for those Priestess fragments (finished ahead of schedule as a result, which is nice). I think I fought at least a hundred battles that day, compared to my usual 27ish. Not that it helped my ranking much by Saturday, as 34 is pretty decent but not my best.

Regarding Madcom and Skorpinok: At least one of them (I clearly remember the latter) attacked me on Sunday, and I checked their team. My defense (and those of many other lv100 players probably) got beat by a bunch of 4* level 80s. Similar, if not identical to those on their defense. Considering I shredded their defenses (like many other lv100 players here), I think it's very likely something's off there.
And I don't think it's what I had. I did climb to 10 when I was bugged, but I was losing a lot against the teams similar to my ranking. Fortunately my lists tended to stick around Duellist/Acolyte level then, which compensated, but they have a different thing entirely.

10-31-2017, 08:23 PM
Cheers DaveMurray and Kardas, I appreciate the kind wishes.

Dave hit the hammer on the nail when he referred to these “PvP” bots...something real strange is going on with Madcom and SkorPinok...how is it that their level 80 toons beating our maxed level 100 teams? The only comfort I draw is that these guys have been able to beat you guys as well (so it just isn’t my team), and you all have some very tough defenses...I think I had a legitimate loss to Dave earlier today or yesterday. So maybe some flaw in the system, not sure.

Not once has my defense held against either of them, but yet it has held against top players, including some Eternals.

When I revenge these guys, I can usually take them out in 1 round, so this is very strange indeed.

Spartan, Kaz, NF, hope you are checking this?

11-01-2017, 06:34 PM
Since last week there was no thread, I'd like to congratulate Carlos on a very special week! Fallen took third he missed the week before. And slauki went from 2nd to Carlos to long deserving Eternal with uncatchable determination, nice run man! Grats to jjj and kamuz on the podium!

Only thing that ruined the week are those fake multi accounts that should be traced and banned from servers along with the original owner for destroying the charm and taking away from ppl who fought for their pts. I'd ease off at the end of the week but wouldn't take it from cheap cheating acc, just had to get ahead of those :p Hope that devs have the means.

11-02-2017, 07:52 PM
Thanks for starting up a thread this week IceMan and Congratulations to Slauki on Eternal. I don't know how you have time to Chase Eternal and document 136 battles of Garden of Life at the same time but it's good to see someone that has put as much time and effort into this game and community take the top spot. Congratulations to Carlos for week 36 Eternal as well. I haven't really had much time for Arena the past few weeks with the exception of getting enough fragments for the exclusive characters, been focusing on trying to get the ridiculously rare talismans from Brave New World. I will post in Kamuz' thread and help troopers if I can get any of the sets before next week, not much luck thus far though.

11-02-2017, 09:11 PM
Congrats to my fellow man Slauki to highly deserved eternal! Great to see you up there man! And of course also to Kamuz & JJJ for podium!

11-03-2017, 01:58 PM
Congrats to Slauki for a well deserved Eternal, you are spending a lot of time on the game man. Also congrats to podium members and to everyone who is still playing despite of the multiple bugs.

11-21-2017, 01:10 AM
This old guy made eternal? :rolleyes: