View Full Version : PvP Exploit - Sparton, NF, please read

10-31-2017, 10:11 PM
Guys, this is getting absolutely crazy now. My PvP defense team of 5* Level 100 Maxed toons was just beaten by these two team:
- 4* Soldier Eddie
- 3* Gunner Demon Spawn
- 4* Rocket Dog
- 2* (Yes, 2*) Warrior Undead Skeleton Soldier dude

- 5* Hallowed Eddie (lucky a$$hole)
- 4* Sentinel Priestess
- 4* WNBoL
- 4* Green Harpy

This is ridiculous and if these guys along with XXXXX are exploiting a PvP bug, then it is simply pathetic and I ain’t playing anymore.

Out of anger I revenged these twerps and went with my maxed Assassin GS and Wickerman, toons that I never take for PvP. They did not stand a chance...Wickerman himself destroyed their entire team with his Power skill.

NF, please look into this urgently and fix it. I have a screenshot, but am unable to upload it via my phone.


10-31-2017, 10:17 PM
Ha, ha! So I am not crazy! I saw them beating my team too and I was like... whaaaat did just happened! Maybe they know some tricks we don't, Ice. ;)

10-31-2017, 10:33 PM
Hello IceManFerrar,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I have made note of all of these details, and we will investigate what you have laid out here. Please note, I have edited your post to remove any identifying information regarding the players you have mentioned.

In future, if you notice anything suspicious in game, please contact our support team, or message us privately.

Once again, we thank you for bringing this up. I will now be locking this thread while we investigate this issue.